do you have a favorite sharpening device?

Jun 24, 2000
jus' wondering what you guys recomend..
my favorite is unfortunately at the bottom of the sea, some tramps decided

It was a 1/2 meter diameter stone with a handle for turning around, and a tray of water.
I use a 10" Ultimate Edge diamond oval rod and a set of coarse and fine Crock sticks(ceramic).The diamond rod can take care of straight and serrated edges.Once and a while I'll use a leather coated paddle with a hard black Arkansas stone on the other side for fine tuning.
EdgePro Apex. The only thing better (IMO) is the Professional model.

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I just received my Edge Pro Proffesional model today, this is one sweet sharpener!
A little pricey, but considering the value of the knives its for not a bad deal overall!
DMT large coarse stone and a DMT fine stone.
All done by freehand. Also like my 10" ceramic rod that I use for my Battle Mistress. Later, Jeff
Spyderco 204. Through the years, I've spent to much money on the latest 'trick' sharpeners, and this 204 is a no-brainer. It works. Aren't results what we're after? I have a 203 for sale, if interested. The 204 will back-bevel, if that needs to be done.
What's the difference between 204 and 203. I have 203 and I'm wondering if I should order 204. What do you think?

I have had an E-LAP EZL-M for over 33years and have sharpened everything from lawnmower blades to scissors as well as knives of all just keeps on sharpening!
Originally posted by sigurd:
jus' wondering what you guys recomend..
my favorite is unfortunately at the bottom of the sea, some tramps decided

It was a 1/2 meter diameter stone with a handle for turning around, and a tray of water.

Razor Edge Systems is my current top pick. Better than the Lansky or 203 Sharpmaker IMO. The coarse stone cuts like crazy and the guides work well too even if they do wear out over time.
DMT fine (600 grit) and coarse (325 grit) 6" bench stones. Also DMT fine/coarse diafold for the woods.
The 203 has the single 40 degree sharpening angle. The upgraded 204 has the 40 degree angle and a 30 degree angle. There are also more 'built in' features. The 204 also has a great instructional video, with Sal in a Q&A format. The video is worth the price of the sharpener. If you look, you can find the 204 for below $40.
I did use a Gatco Pro system but it was way too fiddly so I am now using the SPyderco 204. And it really is effective. It gets all my knives razor sharp in about 10 mins or less. Very versatile as well.

I recommend it.
I got my Razor's Edge cub pro system... I just cannot get it to work. It won't make anything very sharp for me. I've tried and tried with the guides, free hand, and moving very carefully with the guides, etc.... the coarse stone raises a burr quickly, but the ultra fine stone just isn't very fine in my opinion. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it doesnt work for me.

I find myself wanting to return to my Lansky system.

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I am new to the Razor Edge System too. At first, I had the same results you describe. The fine stone was smoothing down the burr but leaving a rough edge that wouldn't push cut. Now that I have used the fine stone for some time, it has become increasingly fine, and will really polish an edge. So just stick with it.
BTW- I learned how to sharpen on the Lansky but found after I got proficient that the stones sucked. Specifically, the extra coarse clogs up quickly and won't cut at all. I have a 710 coming back to me from BM- does the diamond extra coarse work much better? The recurve stymies the benchstone as you know.
One more question in case anyone is still listening. How does one true a benchstone after it dishes out? That may be a distant problem but I have rounded the edges a bit which makes sharpening the beginning of a blade difficult.
Depends on the stone
I'm not sure about the Razor's Edge stones, but EdgePro says to use fine sand on a flat concrete floor, and swirl the stone face down on that. They even include a bag of sand, which is the kind of little service thing that makes the price seem not so high


Anyone else have a Eurosharp from the Cutiecut company? The address is the same as one of the Stoddards stores in Boston. I bought it in the '80s from them. It came with three pairs of aluminium oxide rods of different grits that store in the base. It has a plastic base with settings, off center, for 17, 20, 22, and 25 degrees as well as one for scissors and one for reshaping points. Still use it for all my nonserrated blades unless a complete reprofileing is needed. Then I start with a diamond to remove most of the metal and finish with the Eurosharp.

Until very recently I was a Lansky guy until I traded mine with another forumite for a Sharpmaker 204 (that was a leap of faith going from a working sharpener to one I've never used) and the 204 is muuuuuch better. Quicker, easier, more seductive. I get a hair popping edge everytime and that's what it is all about.

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