Do you have a Photopoint Account? If so, post it and we can drool at your images...

Oct 8, 1998

Title says it all.

If you have a Photopoint Account, please post a link and we can drool at your images...

Before they disappear again.
I opened a ImageStation account as soon as PhotoPoint crashed, I have found that I like it better.

Heres the link.

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" BORDER="0"></A>
A couple other threads carry strong recommendations that folks who have photos at PhotoPoint back them up on their PC drives before they go down forever.
the link is always in my signature.
~bigbore`s knives~
I wonder why there are not more, look at me,
its not a shame to be a beginner.
Lots of people cannot afford the newest high tech folder or custom.
One fine knife or good pic could be worth it.;)
They're no longer at PhotoPoint but you can see some of my pix by following the "toys" link in my signature.
Likewise, I have found I like my new alternative better than Photopoint as well. Link is below sig.

I still like PhotoPoint best, maybe because I'm used to it?
I tried some of the other Album sites, but I'm glad PP is back.
I removed the link to PP from my Signature and I've just put it back.
I hope it works?

I guess it didn't? :(