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Do you Lanyard?

Feb 9, 1999
How many keep lanyards on what knives?
Do they get in the way or help you? Just wondering..I tend to remove them from folders and add them on fixed blades...
I'm too afraid of pick pockets to use a lanyard, plus it brings too much attention to my folder. (IMHO)
It depends on the sheath I am using, but I like one if I can get away with it. I end up taking them on and off a lot, and have gotten very good at the scaffold knot.

I use a lanyard on my custom fix blades that have lanyard holes. I took off my lanyard on my Sebenza since the custom horizontal sheath I use for it doesn't accomodate for the use of a fob.

I like the fob on my customs since I value these knives more and they add just a little more protection in case I drop the knife.


I don't personally like them, they just get in my way. I took one off of my Spec Plus fighting knife.

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Let's see...I have lanyards on my Cetan Tanto kit knife, SpecPlus fighter, and two Perkins knives. THree are tied like hangman's knots, which are easy to adjust, and give you a tone of length when needed. One of the Perkins has the lanyard attaching the knife to the sheath. On the Cetan, it is mainly for decoration, I suppose. On the SpecPlus I use it around my wrost for chopping. The lanyard is integral to a good grip, for me, on the two Perkins knives. I like 'em, but haven't seen a need on any folders.

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I take'em or leave'em depending on the situation. I prefer a short lanyard, real short, so if the knife falls it can't swing around too much. I use them everytime I hunt. Rarely for utility work.
A short braided lanyard a la Reeve is good for a smaller knife because it gives you something extra to grab onto. This same type of lanyard can be used on a larger folder for ease of draw.

On a fixed blade, I usually use a loop and put my thumb through it to retain the blade.

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Yes they do come in handy around water, heights, ect.But it looks like most feel they get in the way! Interesting point, about pick pockets...never even thought about that, a decorated damascus Sebenza would be a pretty valuable snatch!! But they better watch out for the weak side carry...A Ontario Black Wind Katana...YIKES
Here's another question, and I know it's been covered in depth. But, why are pocket clips so often upside down? Example; I have a Benchmade 9100 and a 910, same knife right? (No!) The 9100 has the thong hole by the clip, so the fob will hang out of your pocket, and the 910 has the thong hole away from the clip, which means the fob would be inaccessible inside your pocket. Is this a defect? Micro Tech has their clips upside down too and the Sebenza has the clip correctly placed. Plus, if the clip is upside down, one has to spin the knife around to open, which means you have less control and could possible drop it. (That could be bad news
Yes CLINTONSUCKS...SO DOES MONICA...soorry couldn't resist.....You are correct sir I've often wondered that myself...Thats why Sebenza's rule.....They got it all!!!
Thanks Bart;
Well noted regarding Sebenza's and Monica. Why aren't pocket clips standardized for the sake of lanyards? A lanyards' purpose is for a quick draw isn't it?
I always thought the lanyard was for the added safety factor when using the tool in certain situations. One of the reasons I use one when possible.

If you use a short lanyard around the wrist you can hold onto the last inch or so of the handle to make your knife chop better. I've also heard suggested that you can put a car's tire weight on the blade to increase the weight upfront to improve chopping.

I haven't tried the weight, but the lanyard idea works.
I like the laynard on my Sebenza. When I'm at work I carry the Sebenza in a CRK belt sheath and drape the laynard over one side, the snap the sheath shut. It gives me something "extra" to grab onto when I draw the knife. When I clip the knife in my front pants pocket the laynard serves the same purpose.
When I am outdoors in the woods, I use a trick I learned from Tactical Knives. Make a lanyard about twenty inches long and tie your SAK to it. Run the non-knife end thru your belt and just stuff/wrap the excess lanyard around the knife and put the whole thing in your pocket. Makes it a LOT harder to lose the knife and you don't have to untie the lanyard to use the knife. Later

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I purchased a very nice lanyard and attached it to my BM mini-Stryker. I looks great, but really gets in the way, as when I close the knife it will somehow manage to try to cut the lanyard in half if I don't use two hands. When I put the knife in my pocket I tri-fold the lanyard quickly and stuff it in with the knife anyway.

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