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Aug 24, 1999
I carry a lg. Sebenza. At work everybody always ask's to borrow my knife. For this reason I also have my old CQC7 to lend out. There's no way I'm going to give a quality blade to a mere mortal. Does anyone also encounter this problem?

Constantly. I also have a couple of "loaner" knives on me and in my tool bags just for this purpose, but people keep trying to buy those off of me as well.

I have the same problem on a daily basis. Funny part is, the same people that ask to borrow it on a regular basis are the ones who make the most noise about me carrying a knife in the first place. I guess they figure it's not crazy or paranoid if they need a knife, only if they carry their own. Pretzel logic rules the day.


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Do Not Share:
MY wife
My toothbrush
My guitar
My good knife.
Always keep a spare! (knife)
I carry a large Sebenza too, as well as a Leatherman WAVE. If someone asks to borrow a knife, I'll ask what they want it for. If they need a sharp knife, for a sane reason, I don't have a problem loaning my Benz, but if they need it to fix their car, they get the WAVE.
I have to say at this point that my generosity has backfired. My wife needed a sharp knife last week, and I handed her the Benz. She left the room and a few moments later I hear, "I LIKE THIS KNIFE!! IT'S MINE NOW!"
I gently explained that the knife cost 300+, figuring that she'd say, "Oh honey, I didn't know it was so expensive. Here, take it back."
That's not exactly what she said.... instead, she smiled sweetly and said, " I KNEW there was a reason I liked it so much!"
The lady knows quality... at least when it comes to cutlery!
If someone asks to borrow one of my knives,I ask them what they want if for. If they want to use it to strip wire, cut wire, use as a screwdriver, or any such abuse, I direct them to the nearest toolbox.

If they complain, I just tell them I was brought up to use the proper tool for the job, and let them use someone elses tools.

Thomas Zinn
A guy once saked to borrow my knife, I asked for what purpose....

He was planning on pry a watch back off....

I loaned him a P38 can opener.

But I try to share, and I always allow friends to fondle.

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Good advice from those in the know. My one and only mistake re: sharing a good knife came when I let a good buddy borrow my M2 mini-AFCK to skin his deer. He accidently threw the knife in the camp fire along with some paper towels used to clean up after the procedure. We didn't discover that the knife was missing until it was way too late... melted G-10, dis-tempered blade, etc. Major bummer.

Since then I carry a "loaner" blade, along with my replacement for the mini-AFCK.

It is for this reason that I carry the following on my "Bat Belt": A Leatherman SuperTool, a Mini-Maglite, and a pocketknife of humble mean. Also on my person, I carry my Laguiole pocketknife (for loaning to the ladies), and my Spyderco Endura. During the course of a given day, usually at least half of my assortment is on loan to one or another of my compadres. A few of them have racked up more time with my toys than I have...these folks have been pointed to the nearest vendor to "Buy your own knife!"

Speaking of carrying loaners, though, a rather amusing incident is called to mind.

On one occasion, several friends and I went to an establishment where alcohol was served on the lunch hour. This particular establishment, in accordance with strict compliance to the ATF guidelines about about Alcohol and weaponry, noticed the sheath on my belt, and asked me to divest myself of my steel. Grudgingly (the lads were in no mood to go elsewhere), I did so, and was surprised to watch everyone's (especially the security personnel) eyes widen as I forfeited piece after piece, and tool after tool. I dunno, I figured everybody liked to be prepared...guess not. When I used to work as a truss-monkey for roadshows, every 'tech had at least two sheathes on his/her belt. Guess I never noticed that folks in the 'real world' don't. Anyway, just got me to thinkin' about it...and smiling.

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I usually have no problem with loaning my friends one of my knives, untill one *friend* picked a lock with my Wave's clip-blade, and another friend cut paper(sounds innocent enough, huh
?) on a metal table with my NIB Benchmade 350bt, and somehow managed to leave a nice epoxy fingerprint on the clip.

Now my friends are only allowed to fondle my knives, under my supervision.

God, I hate it when some smack picks up my display case of of the shelf and tips it at a slight angle to view the knives!!! My Elishewitz Janus came VERY close to sliding into all of my BMs.

Also, It doesn't impress me to see how well they can flip my AFCK up into the air, two revolutions, and catch it by it's handle(luckily) without my permission.

Oh well, I know others have had worse experiences, but if something like that ever happens again, there won't be an announcement
, when I get a new toy.

I need a bigger bucket.
Never. Same with axes (some people think you should place firewood on a nice convenient rock before splitting).
Been there done that!....I alway's have a loaner knife, because I've seen how some people use them! I let them borrow a SS Endure or a Bucktool.

"War to the knife and knife to the hilt"

In the politically correct world in which we live, I see no benefit to advertising the fact I carry a knife. Therefore, I don't get asked. In an emergency, naturally, I would step up, but I would do so at my disgression.

I do not think of myself as stingy, but discrete.

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I beleive one should never lend anything that they can`t shrug your shoulders over if it is lost or destroyed.For this reason.I lend out the small beaten up knife on my keyring.The ring has a quick release feature so it is not an inconvenience.If something bigger is needed,I offer to do the cutting for the person asking.It keeps my knives from being abused and keeps people from complaining that they cut themselves because of my evil knife.It amazes me how much dangerous handling of knives goes on.People don`t have a healthy respect of what they`re handling

I loaned my KABAR to a sailor once and he used it as a screw driver. I think he did it to mess with my mind. Not a major achievement, y'know.

I loan out my leatherman and Spyderco Native without a thought.
I don't use my "other" knife, myself, so I won't let anyone else use it either.

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