Dobruski CB15 has landed...

Mar 9, 2001
Hope you guys appreciate this new bali.
This is the # CB15 made by M.Dobruski.
It features ATS-34 weehawk tanto blade and brass handles. The inserts of Pau-Brazil (strong and
reddish Brazilian wood) gives a classy air to this baby. The combination of yellow and red shows the
strong personality of this "Lady in red".
Soon the new owner will give us his comments.

verrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy nice :eek:

my only question/comment is, doesn't the blade sweep out too far for the kick?
My guess would be the kick/blade lengths are just right; M. Dobruski learns fast and is currently (IMHO) the premier balisong maker today.

Good work guys! Your work is more impressive with every knife (except for my Dobruski, which is the nicest balisong I have yet to handle! :) )

Yes, Yes where and how much!!!!!! Gotta have one... :D :D :D
:eek: :eek: bzzzt is right I could stare at that all day long in fact I'm saving the picture right now!:D
What a way to go!!!!!!!! Another fine piece of work, as we have come to expect! ;)
Damn, everytime you guys crank out a new knife it makes my want for one triple!

Very nice knife!
My eyes are playing tricks on me. It looks like the edge would get all messed up hitting the handle, but when you line everything up right you see that everything is perfectly together. Amazing craftsmanship.
You can read more about Mr. Dobruski and see pictures of the balisongs he has made by clicking here

I am actually adding a few more pics today, so check back soon!
What'd ya get? Nice and classic craftmanship, or wild beauty?:)
There's just something about his knives, every one has something about it, that i must have:) I want them all rolled into one:(

That first line didnt flow how i wanted it to....i am in no way saying his more "exotic" versions are less quality, just wanted to add some splash to my post:)
I am the happy and grateful owner of this beauty. She's every bit as beautiful "in person." Open or closed, it looks great from every angle. The fit and finish are virtually flawless. I don't know the weight of the knife, but it feels heavy in the hand. It locks up nice and tight in the open and closed positions. The action is smooth with no wobble at all. It's a little slow compared to my 42, but faster than my FHMs. The kick seems to be performing just fine. There's no evidence of the blade making contact with the inside of the handle.

Originally I wanted to get this with purple heart inserts. When this turned out to be unavailable, Mr. Machado suggested the Pau-Brasil inserts. I thought brass would go nicely with it. I saw a picture of the Dobruski tanto with white inserts just in time to change my order (originally, I hadn't specified blade style).

I ordered this knife back in May, just before the US customs incident. Since I live in CA, I was worried whether I was actually going to be able to receive it. Luckily for me, I have a friend in my kung fu class who lives just across the border who let me use his address. He brought the knife with him to class today.

Thanks to Jim (my friend in NV), to Mr. Machado for all of his assistance, and to Mr. Dobruski for his fine work!
Wow! Such an eye-catching piece! The red-on-gold look is just stunning. Thats the second-best looking tanto I've ever seen ;)...

There is currently a 100 day backorder/wait, so if ya'll are interested...I think ya'll know the drill. Contact Mauro, again he's fast on the response time.
This 100 day wait is a real bummer. I'm glad Sniperboy convinced me to get mine when there was <b><i>only</i></b> a 45 day wait. hehehe...
I thought it was illegal to import balisongs. How are you guys managing to get these into the US? I am interested in buying one, but could I get busted?


Another great piece. Is that order # 15? Or just style 15? Are you guys working on mine yet? I'm getting excited. I still can't think of what color inserts I want. Hmm..