Does anybody have a production HAWG?

Oct 9, 1998
At the last big gun show here in Louisville, 2 knife dealers had productions versions of Mike Franklin's HAWG folders. They were licensed, had Mike's signature on the blade and looked very close to the handmade models. They are Taiwan made, and the steel is the dreaded "440 series" probably 440A. The prices were $50 to $75. The handles had real micarta instead of G10. The only problem I saw was on the smallest version. The liners appeared to be made of aluminum. I don't know, but I can't imagine Alu. being good liner lock material. Does anybody have one of these? If so, are they worth the money and do any internet dealers (1sks preferably) have them. Thanks.
I bought a "Hawg" from Franklin knives in Nov. '99. I picked the model, scales, blade length and material. It took about a month to receive it. It is a radical looking 4" blade and the liners are anodized titanium. The scales are carbon fiber and the blade is 440V. The quality of the knife overall was good. I've since found the address to the web site is no longer any good. I had seen one at AZ. Custom Knives web site but it isn't there any longer.
I saw a picture of them in the current issue of Blade....looked cool and the customs are out of my price range. Anyone one know which dealers are carrying the production Hawgs? Thanks...
I purchased one from NDS Products for $50.00.
I have only one thing to say about the production versions,Blue anodized aluminum liners,from that you can draw your own conclusions.
MFG Joy Enterprises.

Not that I'm an expert at reading between the lines or anything, but I think that Kevin might be suggesting that it's not worth your time or trouble to check it out

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You are correct in your reading between the lines.
I try not to judge people or company's to harshly as most everyone has a place in this community BUT!!!!Who could possibly think that aluminum would serve as an acceptable materal for a liner lock????I have carried mine for a week,out of the box the liner engaged the blade in an acceptable position,however at the end of the week the liner was just shy of touching the opposite liner NOT ACEPTABLE IMHO!!!!!
We gotta call 'em like we see 'em, partner. I too, will try my best not to rip a company just for the hell of it, but when a product is so inferior that it can't reliably be used in a safe manner, that's where I draw the line.

I recently received a liner lock loosely resembling an Emerson CQC7 from a large mail order "adventure gear" company that was advertising a free knife for every purchase over $XX.XX. Since my order was already over the limit, I figured what the heck, a free knife is a free knife, right? Wrong! What a chinese POS. Just like you're talking about, Kevin. This thing sported a wafer thin liner lock that was immediately hard up against the opposing liner. In fact, that company should have to give me a credit on a future purchase just for helping them dispose of refuse. It's probably the same type of knife those two yahoos are hawking over on HSC or QVC or whichever channel they're on.

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