Does anybody have a source for Kydex

Jul 9, 2001
Good Morning to all,

I am looking for some kydex to make a sheath for my 15" Sirupati. Anybody know of a decent source that will sell in small quantity?

One source for kydex and other knifemaking supplies is "Texas Knifemakers Supply" 10649 Haddington, Suite 180, Dept TK, Houston, TX 77043: (713)461-8632. As I recall they have different thicknesses as well as overall sizes. They are real nice folks down there. And I'm sure they can help you.
Hello, Rob

Try . I have had excellent experiences with them. Besides, most of the kydex you usually find in the other supplies houses is 12"x 12" wht would be a bit tight for a 15" khuk depending on how you designed your sheath.
You can also get the screws and eyelets from them and, if you don't have one already, their pressing rubber is of exvcellent quality.
If you need more tips on making your sheath, just e-mail me.
Best regards
Rob, I found Texas Knife supply's web site,
Also Texas Knifemakers Supply's stock sizes for Kydex is 12"x24" the two thicknesses sell for $4.25 and $6.00 a square foot.Found a toll free phone number too (888)461-8632. Have fun
I was away from the computer all day at my other hobby, brewing beer. Hellofalota fun. Thanks for the good info, I'll check it out right now.
As you probably know my regular beer is Heineken but I can drink just about any sort of home brew around. One of my nephews down in LA sent me some Abita beer which I thought was pretty good.