Does Anybody Make a Gravity Fed Angel Blade

Nov 26, 2000
If my subject title is goofy, like I said, I'm a newbie....

Do any of the manufacturers make a knife where you would push a button and then sling the blade straight out (rather than unfolding) locking it into place?

It would be like an "angel blade" except that it would not be spring fed.

Hoping my question makes sense.
"Angel blade?"

Odd references to mystic beings aside, what you describe is a simple gravity knife. Such blades are illegal for most mere mortals, at least in many states and localities.



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I thought gravity knives worked by unfolding. The kind I'm talking about would be where the blade slides down the inside of the case rather than unfolding out of the case. (We may be talking about the same thing.)

Do you know of any pictures of them on the web?
I think Razoredj is right. What you are looking at is a traditional (the only I know) gravity paratrooper knife. Repro of a WWII German para knife by Colt.

Yes, the blade slides out from the handle by gravity.

Still HM..
Those aren't quite what I'm thinking of. Plus, at $12 I doubt that they are of any quality. However, I appreciate the info.

I may have to draw a picture of my idea.

Maybe I'll do it this weekend and post back.
yeah,we know exactly what your talking about.
it is calle d a gravity knife.the blade will slide out of the front (youll see it called "otf") i think i know the brand you are talkin about,the one for 12 dollars.dont buy it.its garbage.if you can legally get one,buy a good one,it will serve you better.
also-there is an automatic knife forum here,theres alot of info over there.

welcome to the forums.
Actually, the black one over at knifeshop is the same knife by the same maker (Eichorn) as the Colt CSAR,


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