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Does anyone else LOVE CS kitchen knive like I do?

Mar 2, 2000
I love them puppies. I've told this story several times, and I'll tell it until you're all sick of it!!

My Dad had an Ice cream cake for his birthday, and we had just taken it out of the VERY cold storage freezer, and the cake was HARD!!! So, we got out the CS kitchen knives, and POW, right through the thing, no hot water, no coldwater, no mineral oil (yuck) just the knife, and it worked great!! This is the only knife that I know of that could do such a thing. period.

EdRozen-the professional alter-ego specialist
Which one do you use in the kitchen? I use a "Hudson Bay" from CS with great results.Is there another of which I am not aware?

AKTI Member #A000934
"Always just one knife short of perfection!"
Uh,,,, that's Cold Steel....
I didn't know the models had names... just the 5" and 7" models.....
Do they have those funky little serrations? What kind of steel do they use? Also where is a good place online to buy them?

Dennis Bible
There once was a man named edrozen
who's dad's birthday cake was frozen,
he grabbed his "Hudson Bay"
which surely saved the day,
now no other knife will be chosen.

Sorry guys, I couldn't resist. I promise I'm leaving now.

Semper Fi

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Uncle Bill's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy notwithstanding- not on your life.

Semper Fi