Does anyone have info on Al Mar?

Feb 2, 1999
What happened to Al Mar Knifes? Why are they so hard to get your hands on? Are they about to leave the field...?
Go the dailey shot show post by Spark and get him to ask them at the show. I would like to know also.

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Since the passing of the founder the company does seem to be scaling back what models it is still producing. Even a couple years ago it was almost impossible to find an Eagle folder except from a couple of dealers that had old stock. Same for their larger straight knife models.
They do keep coming out with new models, like the Passport a couple years ago, and the lightweight Eagle and Hawk folders, but about the only dealers I know of are folks like Knifecenter and Discount Knives on the net.

Check with Scott Moore at He is an Al Mar dealer/collector and an all aroun great guy.

Sadly enough it seems AlMar has fallen on bad times. Look for them to hopefully rebound but not anytime soon. Hopefully a larger company can buy them and turn out some product.

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