Does Anyone Here Know About UOP Online ?

Aug 18, 2005
I really want to go back to school, but with a full time job and two younger brothers to take care of, it can be a bit difficult. I then heard about online universities, and I read about the University Of Phoenix. Supposedly you can get a degree on there in like two and a half to three years :thumbup: . I've already read alot of the info, but just wanted to know if anyone here had some first hand experience/knowledge with/of these types of schools and what they are like. I know you all think I should go to a real school with classrooms and students and what not, but like I said, it just isn't in the cards for now. If anyone here who maybe has experience with these types of schools or knows about them could tell me what they are like and if they are any good I'd really appreciate it, after all, not very many options when you just have your diploma from high school.

Oct 30, 2005
All I can say on the topic ...

Before you spend your precious resources upon a remote online university, you might check what programs your states universities and colleges offer.

Many are beginning to offer them. They are sometimes more difficult to get into, and I suspect that there is a reason for that.

I'm debating furthering my education; and if I do, I'll probably stick with an online course from one of my state's educational intitutions.
Jun 16, 2005
I haven't taken a course from them, but they are a sponsor of, and advertise on, various law enforcement newsletters I subscribe to. The advertising is for cops on the job, who wouldn't normally have time to further their education. My next class will be online, but it will be from: as I am just updating an industry rating.

Education is always a good choice/investment. Get it whenever you can. :thumbup:
Nov 20, 2001
Choose carefully. Oof P has the diploma mill smell about it. This will follow you around. If you go the distance learning route (and I would go traditional if you can swing it at all), try to find a recognized local university that offers online courses. Getting through college is difficult period, and the support you get from face to face is great, and needed. Also, check out the thread on Community colleges in this forum.


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Feb 27, 2005
If you do distance learning, make sure their programs are accredited. It does you no good to earn a degree from a school no one recognizes.