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Does Anyone Know Anything About Pro-Tech Knives?

Sep 30, 2000
Are Pro-Tech knives good quality knives. I'm thinking about buying one of their auto tantos.
I think they have a good reputation. You may try a search in the reviews and auto knives forums.


The ones I have worked with were of Excellent quality...

I wouldn't mind one myself..



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I recently started carrying Pro-Tech myself. In fact, they have not made it to my site yet. I bought a couple out of curiosity myself. All I can say is.....I AM VERY IMPRESSED The Runts, the Dukes and the new TR-III which is pictured above, are all very nice pieces. This is the first medium-large auto from Pro-Tech. The pictured TR-III's(black handle & Jazz handle) are the smooth handle versions. I just got in the new "ribbed" handles or "grooved" would be the proper word in black and the other is a semi-grey/blue handle with black blades. These things kick like a mule. The fit and finish are superior to any Benchmade Auto and
are at or near Microtech Quality. In fact, Benchmade Autos helped me sell a lot of Pro-Tech Auto's last weekend
. Comparing the BM Stryker Auto to the Pro-Tech Auto....the Pro-Tech won every time and guys still had money left over after buying a Pro-Tech!

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i have personaly handled over a dozen various protech knives that mike payne has had on his tables at shows and at the kitchen table at his house....most recently (12/18/00) i was able to handle the new grooved/ribbed versions of the trIII and was once again quite impressed....these knives are about as well made as the microtechs, have strong springs, are nicely finished, and have good lock up...blades are well ground and grinds are even...blades are 154cm...overall they are an excellent buy for the money and are a helluva lot nicer than any benchmade auto i have ever seen...they are priced fairly and give a great value for you hard earned money...the ribbed/grooved ones sorta reminded me of the old ludt's microtech used to make but of course these are not ludt copies or microtechs...just my .02 cents worth...feverdoc