Does anyone understand your knife addiction?

Mar 18, 1999
Aside from wives and girlfriends, do others question your sanity when it comes to knives? Once I actually told a friend of mine the price of a new knife I recieved, and his eyes got as wide as saucers! Then he proceeded to tell me all the other things I could have bought for that price. But it's impossible to explain to a non-knife knut anyway! They just don't understand.
Yes I have known this too...I would be showing a knife and talking about it and how awesome it is and when I say it cost oh around $225...they look at me like I'm crazy
.....AM I....NAAAAA
..if they could only understand us!!!he he he

I'm embarrased to tell anyone about my knife addiction!

No one but a fellow knife collector will understand the price of a nice knife. But, that is the same for collecting anything. Will a non-pen collector understand paying $350 for a Montblanc fountain pen when they think a 79 cents Bic pen will do the job? Will a non-watch collector understanding paying $15,000 for a Patek Philippe when they think a $40 Timex will do the job? Nope and Nope.
My wife understands...then again, I guess that's why I married her...the last ones didn't...

My last Bn XO understood, and we could talk all day if we didn't have our jobs to do.

My Co Cdr and 1SG like my knives here in Saudi......too bad the "hoplophobe" I work for is paranoid about them.

As for my coworkers, they don't ask anymore. They just want recommendations for a good knife nowadays.

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Perhaps we could form a knife addiction therapy group. Spilling stories of waking in the middle of the knife... I mean knight to fondle ones knives.
And how do you get them to stop asking why a Sebenza is any better than a $30 knife? Of course, some people can spend hundreds on Beanie Babies, and I can't understand that either
Well, my wife & girlfriend dont understand either.
Nor does many of the other folks I speak to.
Only knife nuts get it. Love the Beanie babies thing...Could never understand that myself either??? I guess thats what makes us all what we are.
Long live knives!! Aren't they great!!!!!!

The size of a mans house does not reflect his wealth, but rather, his greed...BCK...Happy Knifemaking...