Does Busse do any work on the BM?

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
In the custom thread this was knocked around but never answered :

But considering that Les locked it and considering what he calls a custom knife :

I can only infer that Jerry does not make the INFI BM (ther regular $300 one). Is this the case or not? If it is the case why is Jerry stating that his injury caused a delay when he does not make them?

I am not really concerned about who makes them but just the functionality. This question is just a curiosity.

After Jerry's injury the production of the BM's, and other Busse knives which are not the Basic line, came to a screaching halt. After a few weeks he regained some control over his hand and started to work again. I am not certain how much of the knife now he is actually making but I believe he at least does the finishing touches.

The Basic line will be the factory versions of his knives and the workers who have been an aprentice under him will make that line.

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At last year's BLADE show in Atlanta, I had the pleasure of talking to the Killer Bee's (we all remember that picture of them in those yellow and black shirts don't we
). There was one young lady I spoke with named Audrey if I remember correctly and I asked about things back at the shop. She mentioned that she did that she was mastering some of the knife making skills, final polishing of the handles and scales at that time. I remember thinking that if I ordered a combat grade Battle Mistress, I was going to request that she do the final work on my knife so I could put a face and personality to the knife other then Jerry himself. The custom pieces ($500 models) were all done by Jerry's own hand per my memory from back then.

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