Does Carbide Processors / Tom Walz owe you anything?

Jun 29, 1999
We had a temp in for a while and she wasn't as good as we thought she was. A lot of stuff didn't get done and a lot of information was lost.

We have three programs going. 1. We are sending out Talonite® samples. 2. We buy and donate knives for contests and charity. We buy a knife from a knife maker who then gives it away at a show. 3. Advetising bonus programs. If you have one of your knives in a magazine and it is a Talonite knife we give you cash.

If you have contacted us about any of these and we haven't gotten back to you then please contact us again.

Again, I am really sorry if we haven't kept a promise to anyone.

Tom Walz
Hi Tom, you absolutely do not (rpt: NOT), but if you want to get rid of things....
Happy sharpening:)
Yes, I am still waiting for the 15 lbs of 1.25" x 3/16" x 2' pieces I paid for while she was working there. :)
Thanks. :p
Owe me?? ... an E-mail perhaps? We were discussing on how to get talonite here in Europe with a international money order remember?
But I would understand if you'd rather not do this. After all, I am not asking a regular buy-sell thing if you know what I mean. :D ;) ;)

But if you are giving away samples, count me in!
Where do I send my adress?

Damn I would love to try talonite... (but who is not ? :D)

greetz, Bart.