Does Carbide Processors / Tom Walz owe you anything?

Jun 29, 1999
We had a temp in for a while and she wasn't as good as we thought she was. A lot of stuff didn't get done and a lot of information was lost.

We have three programs going. 1. We are sending out Talonite® samples. 2. We buy and donate knives for contests and charity. We buy a knife from a knife maker who then gives it away at a show. 3. Advetising bonus programs. If you have one of your knives in a magazine and it is a Talonite knife we give you cash.

If you have contacted us about any of these and we haven't gotten back to you then please contact us again.

Again, I am really sorry if we haven't kept a promise to anyone.

Tom Walz
WOW- I thought it was just me......I sent you $6549 in cash last month and am still waiting for my talonite...I sure hope that girl didnt rip you off!! :)
I sent you $6549 in cash and recieved a truckload of TireBrite instead of Talonite!! I've had to rent a storage unit in order to keep it all....I'll be sending you an invoice ;)

Actually service from you guys has always been second to none. I will be ordering more soon for some special projects !!

Sorry to hear about the problems with the temp, been there done that........Bringing up a "glitch" like this in public forum shows you guys are a class act.