Does Cold Steel resharpen?

Nov 19, 1998

I recently picked up a used Black Bear Classic and would like to get the Cold Steel shaving sharp edge on it again. I'm not that great at sharpening knives yet and don't want to damage the knife. Does anyone know if Cold Steel resharpens knives like Benchmade/Spyderco/Microtech/etc. ? Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks ina dvance.

- Kim (aka "Ranger")
Hi Kim,
Yes they do but unlike Spyderco or BM, (who provide the service for free), they charge $10.00 for the service and if I'm not mistaken, return shipping. Another reason to buy Spyderco and BM.
I couldn't agree with you more. I sharpen all my knives myself. There are just some folks that are afraid or just don't want to be bothered. I think it's a knife fan's prerogative, to learn, not to learn and send it to the manufacturer/maker to sharpen. Hell, I've had experience with knife makers that could make a great knife but couldn't sharpen their own knives worth a darn.
where do you live...there must be a knifemaker near who would do it...i charge $2 to sharpen knives that i didnt make but if the guy brings me some bananas or something i wouldnt think of charging him... find a knifemaker near you who is a little overweight (its a clue) and bring him an apple will have a person to sharpen your knives forever.


Here is the info straight from ColdSteel's website

"Q: Does Cold Steel re-sharpen knives?

Yes. We charge $10 for a fixed blade and $7 for a folding knife. Just send the knife with payment to Cold Steel

( 2128 - D Knoll Dr. Ventura, CA 93003) and we will take care of it. Please note that we re-sharpen knives in batches, so it
may take up to a month before your knife is returned to you.

Q: Does Cold Steel sharpen knives made by other manufacturers?

No. To avoid potential warranty problems with other companies we are not able to offer this service.

Stay safe and all the best, Phil <-----<
A bunch of bananas, a cherry pie, two apple pies and 100 knives coming your way!
Boy, the things you learn from reading this forum.

Cold Steel's not my favorite blade company, but I didn't know they were down the street from my home.

Heck, we don't even have a decent cutlery retailer in town...but we have Cold Steel!

Maybe I'll stoke some hometown loyalty and buy at least one CS that I can sharpen... sorry for the topic digression.
Point well taken. I do sharpen knives for others, and now that I think of it a pie, a plate of brownies, a new revolver, a shiny new pick-up truck . . . .

Desert Rat

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I would say your best bet is to get a Spyderco Sharpmaker and sharpen it with that. Almost anyone can get a good edge on a knife with this system, and this way you'll never have to worry about it getting dull, you can always do it yourself. I know this is a little off topic, but I really think you're better off being able to do it yourself.

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?

Well, it seems that the resounding opinion is to resharpen it myself. I just didn't want to mess up on this knife (it's one of their more expensive models). I have the Spyderco sharpmaker and have been practicing with my cheap knifves but I still can't get an edge like the Cold Steel have from the factory which is why I wanted to ge them to sharpen it. It's not that I'm afraid to learn , I am learning, it's that I'm afraid of screwing up on one of my favorites......

Thanks for all the help folks.

- Kim.
Cold Steel uses good alloys and you may find you can get them sharper than your cheap practise knives. They may be hardened to a higher Rockwell than cheap knives so you may spend more time to get to the edge, but the edge will keep getting sharper as you work. Try and keep the blade verticle as you work. Work just one side of the blade till you raise a burr on the opposite side.

Put some masking tape on the side of the blade it you are affraid of marring it. (Of course leave a 1/4" strip by the edge clear so you aren't honing through the tape.