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Does Size Matter?

Bob Taylor

Platinum Member
Dec 10, 1998
I have been watching the threds on Mega Folders. The idea of a 5 plus inch folder isn't a matter of lock strength nor political correctness. The current engineering on the Rolling Lock with the improved liners is over 1200 inch pounds of torque which equates to over 500 pounds 2.4 inches from the pivot on the handle (Spyderco's testing not ours). Thats beyond human strength and this could be increased if need be, which I doubt. The question is would they sell? A 5 inch Crawford Carvivour dosn't taste good on corn flakes and we are to small to eat 200-500 knives, a big risk for a itty bitty company like R.E.K.A.T. Price wise a good guess would be $200.00 mark plus or minus $10.00.

Bob Taylor
Not sure if they would sell. My first thought is no based on sales of large folders from other makers. I think a more workable size is the sub 4" models.

One thing is for certain, Jim March WILL respond to this thread

See ya next week Bob and I will bring the beer!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

I`d buy one.
The mega folder is a niche market that`s for certain but I don`t think it`s all that small of a niche. Many areas have no legal blade length limit,so why not buy a five incher? I think the key is to make it a truly versitile piece,unlike the Vaqueros. Something more along the lines of of CS`s XLG Clip point Voyager but made with a super strong lock,top notch materials and a nice flat grind would serve a myriad of purposes. That`s my $.02. Take it and run with it Jim!




There are times when all you've got is bluff. If you're facing four homicidal lunatic transvestites armed with hammers as one wacko example, you don't wanna pull an AFCK. 'Cuz let's face it, even with a Mad Dog Panther you've got a REAL problem on your hands if they're determined enough. You want the biggest, ugliest, nastiest mutha of a huge mutant megafolder you can fit in a shoulder rig!

You want them to spontaneously soil whatever they're using for undies, if any. You want to terrify them so deeply their *kids* will be born with nightmares of huge knives glinting evilly in the low light

Four inches? You have *got* to be kidding. Only if there's TWO blades (one for each direction) and it looks like Charlie Manson's wet dreams...

Jim March
I think that other large folders did not sell because A) they were funny looking and the final product had some terminal characterflaws, and B) No One has ever heard of Al Mar, or at least I never have, that, and the AlMar is a liner lock, so I wouldn't want one anyways. I'd spend $150-200 on a high quality mega-folder that didn't look like a chiropractic nightmare. A 1 1/4" wide x 6" long drop point folder would be THE ticket for my backpacking trips. It would serve the for the bulk of the jobs that a FB would do, but it would fold up, and fit into my pocket. Defensivly, it would fit into my pocket and not draw attention like a 6" FB on my belt.

I want one, and I want it now!

gimme gimmee gimmee gimmee gimme gimmee gimmee gimmee gimme gimmee gimmee gimmee gimme gimmee gimmee gimmee!


"No, it's a Vaquero Grande in my pocket, but I am happy to see you!"
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This is a combat monster, so give me a real guard on it and a reasonalby secure handle and I will be your customer.

For instance, take the Pioneer Swept point and make it really big, with a serious index groove or guard on it and you will have a serious carry knife for us Kalifornians. I give my word that if you do that, I will buy at least one. (IMHO, the Pioneer series lacks a little in index cutout depth and/or guard, so I had to cut one out myself through hours of work with nothing more than a Dremel tool. Other than that, it's a great design, I just need my hand to feel really secure before I trust a knife in combat).

With a longer handle, you would be LESS able to rely on the palm re-enforced grip, and therefore a guard or index cutout would be much more necessary for a secure grip.
Some forward handle curvature would be great too, because a knife that long begins to have the ability to deal out mean snap cuts.

I would offer a suggestion here. If you do make a large folder, make a Kydex rig so it can be carried in both the open and closed position. And like Thaddeus says a large guard area would be nice.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

I'll make my opinion short and sweet!

BIG is BETTER ....

Integral Lock,

THICK and large Titanium handle 5"-5.5" closed,

4"-5" BG42 or CPM-440V Blade (3/16" blade stock thickness),

Modified Tanto with belly or a clip blade.

Accessories: Titanium Pocket Clip, all S.S. Torx screws with Allen Pivot screw.

That's what I would like to see!

Well, it was kind of short and sweet


" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People "


Mr. Taylor

I too have been following large folder threads and am starting to understand the concern that makers have with weighing out the finacial risk and gain etc. I'm not a marketing expert but I do know that when even a bad product is marketed right in the right place and right time in the right way to the right people you'll sell. Yes, that's that's alot of stuff to do right but R.E.K.A.T. I'm sure is more than capable to create the product(in 5"? please), all that's left is to target these knives in states or areas that carry or at least ownership is legal and push it. The marketing need not be from a 'tactical' angle(as long as those tactical qualities are integrated into the design) it could be aimed at camping/outdoors/hunting crowds to broaden appeal and sales.


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I'm still waiting for Jim to make that gargantuan folder out of the Blackwind wakizashi!!!! <grin>


When you say that large folders don't sell, I'm a bit surprised. Are you saying the CS Gunsite folder didn't move? I thought those were moving nicely.

I of course would jump at a REKAT large folder also. I understand about it being a niche market, though

On any other forum, I would assume that a thread on whether or not size matters which refused to word wrap into the window all the other threads did, but instead, filled my entire monitor from side to side was a fluke.

However, with Mike Turber and Spark here, I don't think so. Nice joke guys.

Personally, I am quite happy with my Kit Carson and A T Barr folders that have a blade length of just over 4". Remember, you are likely to have the knife with you that you are comfortable carrying. Much over 5 in., and I can't imagine comfortable pocket carry. Except for Jim March, who could probably conceal a machete in his pockets; he is HUGE. Walt
In CA., where we can carry a folded knife concealed, a big folder really starts to make sense, especially one incorprating the Rolling Lock. Seems like the Vaquero Grande sells pretty well.

I just got a 5" bali-song with a 6.5" handle, and I think it is pretty gnarly. I would definately prefer it to my 710 Axis lock in dire circumstances.

Make it and the customers will come!

Walt, it's a matter of breaking up really long words without any spaces, right?

Anyhow, I agree with Steve here: There's always a market for quality, and if you make it the people will buy it. It's just a matter of proper marketing....


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Glad to see there are lots of others who share my philosophy. "If some is good and more is better then too much is just right!" This applies to the size of folders,money ,engines,guns and certain parts of the female anatomy.
I too would buy at least one, and I like the idea of a Swept.

One may want to keep an Eye out for my review of the Bob Kasper designed, Kevin Gentile modified AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper.

Marion David Poff fka Eye, one can msg me at mdpoff@hotmail.com

Patiently waiting for the Spyderco SpydeRench, Lum Chinese Chopper Folder, Rolling Lock Martial Folder, Shabaria and JD Smith, heck if it si from Spyderco I'm anxious; REKAT Escalator and Pat Crawford design.

"The victorious Warrior wins first and then goes to war, while the defeated Warrior goes to war and then seeks to win" Sun-Tzu

The point made above about Al Mar is only valid to a point. In the late '80s, he made a very large folder, the SERE Attack. Mine is at home, so I will measure the blade and get back later. I seem to remember that it is some 6.25" long. It has a lock back lock that is "sum kinda tough"! It takes great pressure to push down the bar. The whole thing looks as if it were made to "kil a bar". The term overbuilt comes to mind. It opens to a very intimidating clack (click just doesn't describe the sound. I can only say that as an intimidator, it would be unequalled by any production knife that I have seen. Maybe a Vaquero Grande, but I personally hate serrations as much as others hate clips. I am considering selling this and my Gerber Parabellum, so I will follow this post for thoughts.
To me, blade size is like money. It's not everything, but it does matter. Quite.
The AlMar I was referring to was the QuicksilverV, also known as the "Jumbo", a 5.5" blade *linerlock*...real long skinny sucker.

Very, VERY "fast in the hand" and the quickest-opening folder I've ever handled, bar none. Therefore I still carry them as "first strike cut/slash" weapons to open up distance for something else, like The Outsider or a gun.

But I won't stab with one.

PS: Moderators or Yekim, will you please pull a few "gimmes" off of that line so we don't have to scroll sideways on our 800x600 screens? Thank you...

Jim March
The Gunsite sold OK but in all large folders do not move. Also Cold Steel has just introduced a smaller folder which most likely will sell better.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!