Does the Big Dollar Ghurka((sp) Have a full tang??

Jan 5, 1999
Hi I was wondering exactly how "big" the tang is on this and also the trailmaster. It was my first big Dollar knife and I have not seen the "naked Tang" anywhere. I am guessing that the rivet in the handle actually is going through the tang? Thanks for you time and God Bless-paul
The heavier kukri is awesome! but make sure you can recover from a swing with the monster! i was super-impressed with the tank-like build. yeah, the tang goes all the way, and it's thick!
i did at first buy the lighter kukri (same length); it broke at the handle with just a little smack on a sapling. a friend who's played with a lot of CS products was surprised at this; he said he could see a little area that might have been a bubble and it just slipped through quality control; so just buy another one. well, by then i had a bit extra $$ laying around so i figured, hey, upgrade to the big brother! also, i bought it through the Cutlery Shoppe, so Cold Steel couldn't and wouldn't help me out with replacing it no matter what, so maybe it was an older one laying around at the Shoppe, who knows, but i got the heavier one from the Cutlery Shoppe as well; i was a little worried about that, and would have rather done the exchange with Cold Steel just to be sure i got a good one. it worked out though- it's beautiful.
p.s.- i just remembered that the lighter kukri i got didn't have the American Bando Association engraving down at the base of the blade like in the catalog; but the heavier one that i received in the exchange with the Cutlery Shoppe did. maybe that means nothing, i dunno, but i wouldn't buy even the lighter kukri without the endorsement emblem on the base of the blade...and if you're gonna buy Cold Steel, buy it from Cold Steel cause then you won't have that hassle of not being able to exchange a defective knife, even if you're trading up to something that costs more!
oh, and second p.s.- every other CS product i have i enjoy immensely. and this includes- the Mini Pal keychain knife; Safekeeper III; Assegai spear with long pole; CS 4" Tanto Voyager; 4 ft. walking rattan staff; Culloden neck knife (smaller than the regular Culloden, just as sharp); and one of those virgin rubber whips; Delta Dart; CS Shovel; i think that's all!!

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Kelt, that lighter kukri you had was probably the LTC kukri. I believe it is the same length as the other kukris, only it doesn't have the Bando mark.

it was not the LTC Kukri. the LTC has a larger "belly" in it. it was definitely the lighter gurkha kukri. i didn't want the LTC; that's why i looked at the page with the Gurkha Kukris on it. in the CS catalog, both of them had the ABA engraving on them (they were both featured on the same page right next to each other in the catalog i had looked at; the LTC was a couple pages before them). they are both (the Gurkha Kukris) similar in shape, just not thickness or weight. both are 12" of sharpness, and both have the same slimmer belly on them (i find that style nicer). there's quite a difference between the LTC and the Gurkha Kukris; i still wonder why they have the lighter-weight version (maybe cheaper price is a factor).

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