Does the Clip get in the Way?

Apr 23, 2000
I've been using a William Henry Evolution (Global 7) for a couple of months now. It has no clip, but comes in a "Clip Case". The knife is a joy to hold and use. I also have other William Henry knives without clips. The knives feel really right.

Now I know that this is a design issue, some knives may be designed such that the clip does not feel out of place or "wrong". But I'm thinking a lot of folders just feel better without the clip.

Then their is the convenience issue (the Clip Case solves this for me for 3" and under knives) of the clip that must be balanced against the "feel" of the knife in the hand.

I tried my Spyderco Rookie without the clip. Feels great. I'll be carrying it in my jacket pocket.

So, what are your thoughts? Is the clip the be all and end all for folders? Or is there another way?


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I tend to agree. At 3 inch and less they are more intrusive. As the folder gets larger they are less intrusive as well as more useful as large knives are less pocketable. This is rather simplified as it varies from one design to another but that is the tendency.

Roger Blake
I definately agree that almost every folder that I find to have that "just right" feel also do not possess a pocket clip.



But I don't think so.

For feel.......Give me bone, stag, pearl, or wood and NO clip!!!

For everyday carry & functionality/work........Give me the clip back!!!

--The Raptor--
Clips sux! I removed the clips from both my REKAT Carnivore and Spyderco Military. They fit in my pockets just fine.
Folders just feel better without clips.
I'm glad i'm not the only one who dislikes pocket clips and carry my knives on belt sheaths or pouches. May be its just me, but I don't like to advertise that i'm carrying a knife, especially around strangers. Having a clip visible usually invites questions as to what it is.

The clips on my sebenzas don't get in the way but on almost all of my other folders, I found they interfere with the grip. When I order a custom, I usually ask the maker to leave them off.

Andrew Limsk

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I have never had a problem with the way the clip feels on any of my knives. I am thinking of trying one with a pouch instead just to see how it feels.
I love clips with a passion! Knives without clips feel funny to me nowadays.I think clips are wonderful on all folding knives whether large or small.
I like the feel of folders w/o clips better, but all my carry knives have clips, and I might not carry one that didn't. They're just too handy, too convenient, and they don't get in the way that much. I don't wear a belt, and even if I did, 3 belt sheaths for my folders, and maybe another for the Leatherman that lives in my jacket would be too much. So I carry w/clips & I don't mind it. I have thought of getting one of those WH cases though. And I've even considered starting to wear a belt just so I can get a few G2 sheaths. Probably someday. For now I'm fine w/clips.

Jason aka medusaoblongata
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I am very fond of clips, But some knives just don't feel right with them. It just depends on the design.

Maybe I'm just unskilled, but my Delica is acually easier to open with the clip on. With a heavier knife like the native it's not so much of an issue, but I think the clip allows the body of the handle to remain thinner than without. I think small knives, with thin scales, such as the Gents type of knife, are undoubtedly better, as one of the major merits is the inobtrusiveness of carry. still, my user(the Delica) is not pretty with the clip, but easier to use and keep handy.
ooops-when i said i think small knive with thin scales are better, I meant better without clips. don't mean to offend...
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I dislike the extra thickness that a clip adds to a knife, but for me, it is out- weighed by the convenience of access. The WH "Clip Case" sounds like an excellent compromise. (I will have one in 2001!)

I have tried some of my clipped knives without clips and the smaller the knife, the less I like the clip.

I might feel differently if I were a lefty though. Some actually open easier with the clip (for a RHer).

I am firmly against clips of any kind on my knives. I find it interesting that knife designers spend all that time developing egonomic handles just to throw a clip on at the last minute and ruin everything.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
I wish Gary would make some pocket cases with clips- I'd buy one in an instant. How about it Gary?

As far as the pocket clip thing goes, I agree that a lot of knives feel better without them. But an important consideration for me is that the clip helps me orient the knife for opening without having to look at it. I can fish it out of my pocket or pick it up after setting it aside and flip it around immediately into the position for opening.

Of course, it does get a bit confusing when you have a lot of different knives and some are tip up and others are tip down, but I'm finding that I mostly carry the SERE lately.

Peter Atwood
I forgot to mention another big plus to carrying 3" blade knives and below in the Clip Case. You only have to clip it once a day. The knife can come out 100 times, but the clip only comes out when the Clip Case is taken out at the end of the day (except for those of you who wear the same pants several days). This really reduces wear and tear on clothes.

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