Does the stop pin size matter???

Mar 19, 1999
Hello again people, i was looking at a couple of Emerson Ravens and a custom CQC6, they where all like benchmade quality, but noticed something odd, why do emerson ravens and the cqc6 have such a small stop pin, i mean, is this a big problem, they look quite weak, and are less than half the size of my AFCK's stop pin, i would say 3/32, or less.
Funny you asked because the stop pin in my custom MadDog/Johnny Stout knife just broke. The pin in my knife was about 1/8 inch in diameter. The blade is a 1/4 inch stock.
Oh my God!!!!You opened it? That is considered abuse.
Expulsion my butt. The mere possesion of a Mad Dog folder means he's obviously some sort of powerful evil force in the CTT.

Could he be the Antidog, sent to fold even the most rigid of fixed blades?

Only time will tell.