Does this jack pattern still exist?

Dec 2, 2001
I've been looking for a while for a jack like this, but all I ever see is old remingtons that go for big bucks, and I wouldn't want to take a chance on losing one of those. Is there a modern reproduction that's of decent quality? Here's what I'm talking about:


Thanks for any help!!
Queen makes a single blade version with D2 blade, bone or cocobolo handle, and Marbles made some recently (probably contracted from Queen) with a few different handle materials and 1095 blades, although they were on the expensive side.

If you look around ebay, you can find older ones that are in good shape and still don't cost a fortune. Older Ulster knives were high quality, and don't seem to command the high prices like Remington, New York Knife, or Case. You can get a good user in nice condition for around $40-50, the wood handled ones go for less. Another one to look for are Challenge Cutlery knives. And for really cheap users, there are plenty of older Imperials, you can pick up the cheap shell-handle versions for $5-10, so if you break or lose one it's not a big deal. Even the early solid-bolster bone-handled Imperials don't bring very high prices.
:) I just have to say that when I am looking through a display for knives, this is exactly what catches my eye. Simple design, great looking old bone handle, sheild and you know it will do the job for you. find me one that says PA on it and I will buy it in a heartbeat. Thanks for the photo ;)