Does this sound like a fair trade?

Nov 1, 2000
One like-new LCC D/A, Kershaw Boa and a William Henry Global 07 for a small Sebenza that the owner did some self mods, which consisted of an ON LAY of mammoth ivory? I think I want to do the deal but I'm hesitant because I'm giving up a lot. Opinions?
Give more info about the condition of the knives and definitely about the "ON LAY" deal.

Value is very subjective when you get to modified knives. But if you want it, and it's worth it to you, then you have to make the call.
Dearest Elvis hit the nail on the head. If you are going to be happy in the end of the trade, then its most definately worth it. Now if you are talking cash value, only a calculator will tell :D but it does sound a little unbalances in that arena.

I'd have to agree with the consensus that if you'll be happy in the end, then go for it!

Keep in mind, that this is coming from a guy who is known for making many well thought out extremely bad plays! :eek:

Bad plays only compensated for by sheer luck or Devine

I seem to batting about .500 on the dollar scale, i.e. "Ya win a few, ya lose a few", but from a "Pride of Ownership" and joy scale, we're (my wife collects too...) kicking butt!

Again, only you'll know when it's all done and said....but you should have a gut feeling about the outcome prior to "Doing the deal"...

Hi kutch133 -- I haven't planned on getting rid of the large, plain Sebenza I recently bought. And, I've never tried a trade. Have to admit that calls for more faith than I tend to have. Still, if the Global 07 WH is the same as the International, with the black palm scales, and both the WH and the Boa are in good condition, I'd sure think about trading my Sebbie for your 3 knives.

My Sebenza had 2 tiny little scratches on the handle that one really had to look for. Then, in the space of a few days, I managed to put 4 light scratches on the clip, from the seat belt in my car. Immediately put it into a sheath, where it rides now.

Think about it. I'm not promising I'd do it, but without intending any offense, it would be because of my built-in paranoia that I might be unable to follow thru. If we lived a few miles from each other, I'd ask your address and head out!
Any way you can check out the overlay before committing?
Something like that would make me nervous, not knowing who did the work, but that would sure be something different.
Sebenza w/mammoth ivory! Got a pic????
I wouldn't be able to go through with it unless I could see the Sebbie first hand. Ultmately, it's your call. If you are happy with the deal, go for it.

I have pics of the knife and its really nice looking, but I'm afraid I'll break the ivory onlay and be left with two screw holes in the handle. This would be my new edc.
Originally posted by Paul Work
I wouldn't be able to go through with it unless I could see the Sebbie first hand.

I'm with Paul. If the other party agrees to ship, allow you to handle the knife, examine quality of overlay and attachment scheme, and gives you a couple days to return, no questions asked, then great.

Otherwise, if the work was not done by a maker like Reeve or Darrel Ralph (who does lots of on-lays), I'd be ... uh ... how to say ... professionally skeptical.

Onlay: Mammoth is a mineralized fossil. It isn't tough. It is brittle. It may chip or it may shatter. That is the downside of natural materials that are fossilized. IMO, you can use them for daily carry (if you have office job that isn't manual labor), but probably NOT for weekend, work around the yard kind of stuff.
If you are happy, go for it! Personally I would NOT go ahead, the value side is strongly against you... Just my opinion
In my opinion I would not trade unless you can make the call that it is worth it without any hesitation. Since you are hesitant, I would not do it.
I would also have to examine the condition of the knife, quality of mammoth ivory overlay, and method of attachment. If the owner is not willing to allow you to do this, I wouldn't waste my time.

I own two Sebenza's and they are fantastic knives but, it would be nice to have a warranty on a $ 300+ knife. This owner has voided the CRK warranty. Also with the knives you are trading.... the ON LAY better be sweet ;).
Well, obviously you aren't interested in my offer. If were not so paranoid, I'd be very sad about that.

Seriously, the point I was trying to make, was that the "onlay" would have to significantly increase the value of the Sebenza so much that the $$ difference and the lost warranty wouldn't be missed. In your shoes, I'd be wondering if the Sebenza hadn't actually decreased in real value, due to the holes, warranty violation, etc.
Keeping in mind the 3 knives that you are offering to trade, all I can say is...DON'T DO IT!

Only IF the Sebenza inlay work was done by Chris Reeves himself (and with proper documentation) would I even THINK about doing a trade like that. You have way too much value to lose in that trade, as an "altered" small "used" Sebenza can't be worth nearly what you must have invested in those 3 knives...
Bugs, I sent you an e-mail but you didn't reply. If your interested please let me know ASAP.
OK, if any of you can get in touch with Bugs3 other that e-mail (i tried it) let hime know that I would love to have his Sebbie for my three. Thats if he's interested.
I never thought about the Sebbie with the onlay being altered and voiding warraty. Thanks all for bringing that up.
I owe Kutch -- Dan -- a public apology.

Mostly kidding, but trying to get him to see I thought he was getting the short end of the stick in the trade he asked advice about, I offered to trade my large Sebenza for the 3 knives he listed.

He wanted to take me up on that. Well, after a lot of thought, made more difficult by my finally realizing the LCC was a DA -- he wrote it, I didn't see it -- I agreed to make the trade. I sent the message saying that earlier in the day yesterday.

Immediately, I began feeling the worst case of buyer's remorse I've ever felt. Maybe some of that was a truly vicious migraine. Anyhow, before he had responded to my okay, I wrote, said I needed to think about it a bit more. THen, I wrote and told him no deal.

I wasn't trying to jerk Dan's chain. For a few brief hours was quite excited about the trade. Then I looked at the Sebenza, and things started to change. Ultimately, I just couldn't let it go. I buy all my knives to keep. Even those that ultimately disappoint, I keep. Because at a minimum, I had dreaming time spent with each.

So, I apologize to Dan.
Dave, much appreciated but unnecessary. We all have some reservations when we trade. Don't feel bad.