Does your SOCOM's assembly screws loosen.

Mar 19, 1999
hello folks, i take apart all my knives, not caring for the warranty, but one knife i never took apart is my manual action SOCOM, the reason for this is that all the screws are spline screws, even the clip and the pivot screw. I have a couple questions, 1, does Microtech put loctite on their screws, and 2, should i worry about the screws loosening on my socom, this goes for the spine screws(5), and the clip screws(3). Is there any way the screws can loosen????

Who you need is Ty Stratford on the MT forum.Your screws will not loosen.I hear that Loc-tite is used.

Exactly correct. BTW, why are you so set on disassembly? I could see curiosity on the autos; however, the insides of most folders look just like what you probably expected (I presume).

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