Dogwood Becker Firefly handles are great!

Jan 5, 2015
As stated they are great!

Glow in the dark when "charged" by a light source, good solid material with glow pebble things in them make finding that knife in the dark way easier as they were designed to be.

The handles to me offer traction when wet. Some more experienced people here stated the handles are about between the the Becker Gryory handles and Micarta for general all purpose toughness. For some thing easier to find in the dark that's good enough for me. I've lost a lot of hunting knives due to evening shots that turned in to night time field dressing in the snow and such.

I could of gotten G-10 scales for about the same price from a popular on line sight, but for two of my Beckers but these Firefly handles do the same thing and glow in the dark! It looks nice and cool yes I'll admit, but its also pretty dang practical is why I got them. They offer me enough traction when wet for me and better than the Gryory handles. Normally I prefer Micata to other Becker handles, but I chose these over G-10 for the novel and practical idea behind them, and well they work good enough for my large critter cutting kit blades.
Yep...saved the BK2 as intended again, it glowed so found it under some brush.
Lost BK2 yesterday, went back to area just after sundown and found it with its glowing green stones, get the clear for max light! Heading out to stand again now.