Doing it right....

Oct 28, 2000
Don't be a dummy!!! Follow these khukuri safety rules:

1. A khukuri is a sharp blade. Treat it with respect always. No exceptions.

2. Know how to handle a khukuri properly. Know your target and make sure that if you miss, the blade goes out of harm's way. No thigh tappers, knee cappers, shin splitters, toe loppers or splitting headaches then.... See picture below for example:


3. Be sure others who may handle your khukuris, do so in a safe manner. If any doubt exists, do not let them handle it. After all, what responsible khukuri owner would give a sharp knife to an idiot?

4. Don't handle khukuris when in an emotional state. Your chances of having a khukuri accident are much greater than if you are calm.

5. In sheathing and unsheathing a khukuri(or for that matter, any sharp blade), always keep the sharp edge away from your fingers. Also make sure that you do not poke the blade through the scabbard and slice your hand resting on the back of the scabbard. See the pictures below on how to do this properly.



And the below pictures show WHY you should do it the right way.



6. Do not handle or use your khukuris if you are in no condition to do so. (eg. tired or drinking or over medicated)

7. If the khukuri is loose in its scabbard, fix it. Nothing is more embarrassing than having to explain how a 15 inch khukuri wound up stabbing your foot to the medical personnel.

8. Watch out for that sharp chape (the sharp brass thingy covering the tip of the scabbard)! Take a file and dull it or remove the brass chape completely.

9. Keep these safety keys in mind always.

Also remember that the above demonstrations were performed by safety conscious professionals to demonstrate certain hazards and many of the precautions taken by them are not obvious to the untutored eye. In other words: "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME, KIDS"!!!

Credits for the above go to Uncle Bill, Tom Marker, Russell Slate, Will Kwan, MauiRob, Howard Wallace's Khukuri FAQ and the many HI khukuri knuts out there for their contributions.

Thank you.
Himalayan Imports Khukuri Range Safety Officer

If anyone else has any further suggestions for improvement, please add your reply to this thread and I will update the "Khukuri Safety Thread".

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YES! (In fact I thought this must be a new thread ... after opening it then I became aware that this is a wisely renamed old thread) I like it!


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in the one that says "if your in no condition to do so" (e.g. tired)maybe you should add e.g. under the influence of anything that slows your reflexes(e.g. Heinikens or martinis)