Dona's Kit Completed

Rob Simonich

Big Bear
Oct 3, 1998
Hey everyone, you got to check out the kit Dona has just completed, go to my web site, and then the Kits section and scroll down to the bottom and there that beauty is! She did a fantastic job on it. It is a somwhat advanced kit in that Snakewood is faifly difficult to work and Corby bolts are different than most kit makers are used to. And please, dont even ask me to make these available for everyone! Dona is my web master, and she has done a great job on my site and deserved a little gift from me. I expect she is going to write a mini review in the review section but I couldnt wait I am so tickled with the job she did. Besides I was just using the blade to scrape paint off of my newly purchased old suface grinder.....Let us know what you think!

That's very nice!!

Is the wax difficult to apply?

Joe Leung

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Not hard...its some stuff my Dad made up years ago (he used to do a lot of woodworking). Its wax and a petroleum a paste consistency, like Minwax. It liquefies at body temp...I'd rub a thick coat on then heat it up with a blowdryer.
Hey Rob. You know I love your knives, and I think I'll have to try one of your kits some day too! If I mess it up too bad, I'll have to send it to you to fix for me!

The knife looks great!
Very nice work. Love the Snakewood. If you ever decide to sell it I would be very interested in it.


Tom Carey
Great job Dona. Hmmm, hey Rob, can I take out your shop trash for you ? Sweep the floor ?
Just any little thing to make you feel grateful

Sigh, just jealous, that's all !
You're right Rob! That is one nice looking knife. You should hire her before she becomes competition!!
Wow....Nice work of art Dona! Rob, better watch out!

Rob,do you offer kits with your Cetan Tanto or Cetan Hawkbill?

I hope Rob doesn't mind me answering this question for him, but he does offer the Cetan in the Tanto version. Not sure about the hawkbill, although I'd like to get my hands on that one, too! I did a Tanto kit and it turned out okay, especially considering it is my first. I am having the pictures developed now and will have a friend scan them and hopefully have them up within the next couple weeks. I highly recommend Rob's kits, and his knives look fantastic too! If I had the money I'd buy that sword he is trying to sell, but alas...

As usual Dona has done an outstanding job. A BG-42 Wambli with snakewood handle
.....luv it! I am especially taken with the home caranuba wax approach. Same such does wonders on my bald dome too <heheheheh>


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