Dorje Gute puja -- preview and pix.

Mar 5, 1999
The HI Chaplain got it done yesterday -- about 4 hours non stop. I've seen a lot of holy men do their stuff -- in just bout every category -- and I've seen probably more than a thousand Buddhist monks do their puja. As I've mentioned I respect and admire people who do their job well and with fervor -- from kami to kings. I can say without reservation that Lama Jigme offered up one of the most "intense" pujas I've ever seen. He gave it everything he had and gets (and deserves) a 10/10 for his effort.

I'm just going to post 3 pix to give you a rough idea of what went on. A commentary and explanation along with a dozen pix will be going up on the Chaplain's website in the very near future. Beo is working on the site and has a rough draft at

Here's the set up.


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when i saw that last picture,eyes nearly poped out of my head:eek: ????The first picture, are they the silver mounted Dhankuta???(spelling);)
You are no doubt one of the good guys but, a special one at that. I enjoyed that site, the pictures, and the eduaction that can be obtained there.:)
Last time I was by there I can't remember how many I took home. But it was 3 or less I believe.

No, it was only one. The M43. Bill said the way I held it and kept repeating "Yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" over and over gave him the hint.

It was the time before that I took 3 back home with me. I remember the Dhankuta being one of them.

PS: Bruise, it's even worse when you actually stand inside the HI warehouse. The part that interests me is just behind the Lama on his right - you can't see it, but it is the blem box.
Thanks, Beo. The Lama will be over for his English lesson tomorrow and I'll get a commentary to go along with the pix.
Awesome. I really look forward to getting out there to meet such a bunch of folks! Looking at airfare now, or renting a Dodge Viper V-12 for the 2000 mile trip (I wish). Bet I'd make sweet time thru the flatlands!