Double Happiness

Oct 3, 1998
Today I got two packages while at work. One was my two Moran Kydex sheaths from Edge Works, the other was my knife from James Mattis, one of his own pieces.
The sheaths fit the Moran like a second skin and are both very well made. Great design(Bald1) and great execution(Scott).
The knife I got fron James Mattis is a very nice utility sort of shape, 4" blade full tang with a green/black micarta handle, OAL, 83/4". Now that may sound kind of plain jane, but this is not the case at all. There are nice touches like the mosaic pins in the handle and the way the tang is tapered from choil to back of handle. The handle is really well thought out, very comfortable in the hand, with a slight finger groove on the bottom and a very slight but just right feeling palm swell, for lack of a better word. I have not yet had the chance to cut anything, but the blade was shaving arm hair a minute ago w/o any trouble at all. There is also a very nice leather sheath included(pouch type), that holds the knife firmly in it's grip. I've been bugging James for awhile for one of his knives and I finally ponied up to the bar and put my money down. I'm glad I did, thanks James, for the great knife.
Sorry for the review post in this section - got carried away.