Down for the weekend move starting Friday PM.

Mar 5, 1999
Sometime tomorrow afternoon I've got to unplug the computer and get moving. I'll probably be down all weekend but you never know. Hopefully, we will be up and running on Monday with the Cantina operating per usual.

As most know, I answer email daily but not this weekend.

Stay tuned and bear with us.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Okay Bro and don't worry. Someone will keep those of us who need them on our meds.

Just don't go and strain anything and stop and rest once in a while. There's not to many of us that's as young and strong as we once were.


Each person's work is always a portrait of himself.

---- Samuel Butler.

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Pace yourself, and breathe........breathe........breathe slowly in and out, in and out....................

Don't worry, the strong will survive-
at least one weekend.

"To know and to act are one."

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To the top.

We can still be deciding what to get next while we wait for Uncle to come back on line.
It was worse when Uncle Bill went to Nepal...
I don't think that the HIKV will be that bad. Anyway there is stuff in the air on it's way as we speak.

Waiting is really the best/worst part.

Life is short, art endures.