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Dozier Folder Fixation


Oct 21, 2006
One of the next folders I am really seriously looking at is one by Bob Dozier.I have a fixed blade of his but I really have not heard anything or read anything on his folders. Can anyone give me some info,background and personal impressions of these custom folders? Thanks very much.

Dozier custom folders are very fine knives. As Esav said, excellent workmanship, and I'll also add very stout, and designed for a lifetime of use. There are at least 4-5 different sizes ranging from 2.5" blades up to 4"+ blades. It seems like most of the folders seen around the forums are the drop point folding hunters; but there are also the Trapper style (more clip point) and some dagger style, and occasionally a modified wharncliffe style blade. Almost all will be in the famous Dozier D2 which has terrific edge abilities.

Bob's work is legendary. He does not take orders for folders anymore, but he recently announced on his forum that he will continue to make some folders for 2007. :)

If you need more specific info, there are some very helpful folks at the Dozier forum, which you should be able to find by googling.
www.dozierknives.com is his website and the forum is accessible from there.

The Workhorse is a massive, awesome folder but the clip point on the Buckhunter is really beautiful, and it's also a big, solid knife.
Thanks for the wealth of info.I will check out the forum and contact Alicia directly to see about how to get one in 2007.If the Dozier Fixed Blades speak for the folders, I can see why they are made for a lifetime of use.

Yes Bob is guilty of making a great folding knife. He had both my partner Dirk and I hooked on the idea of one of his folders for quite a while but neither of us were prepared for the prices they bring when we saw one we liked even when used. Dirk finally opted to just buy what Bob has said is his favorite fixed blade, the Semi Skinner and he had Bob mail it to me to turn into a small frame lock folder for him. It turned out super, especially once Dirk got done with it. http://www.knifeforums.com/forums/showtopic.php?tid/776102/

It was so nice I ordered a Sweetwater blade from Bob the day after mailing Dirk's out to him completed. I had to wait over three months just for the small roughed out fixed blade with no handles and not finished out or sharpened. It isn't any wonder Bob doesn't take orders any longer for folders. He is busy enough with fixed blades from the sounds of it. I am in the process now of turning my blade from Bob into a small lockback folder for myself. I opted to go with my favorite style lock rather than the frame lock for my own carry knife. http://www.knifeforums.com/forums/showtopic.php?tid/784694/

By the way I'm not going to make a habit of this. I like Bob a whole lot. He is a great guy and a friend and mentor to me. He knew in advance what I was going to do with this blade when he mailed it to me as he did with the last one for Dirk but I don't want to start doing them for others just because I can. I don't think that would be right. I've turned two Gene Ingram fixed blades into folders that I had Gene make for me to my specs and drawing for blade shape the same way with his full knowledge of what I was going to do with those two and now Bob as well as others have allowed me the same leeway because I just don't carry fixed blades and wanted to experience their work in something I prefer. Once in a while seems cool but it somehow doesn't sit well with me to do a bunch or take orders so don't get too excited. I'm just posting this info to show the extent some will go to to have a Dozier folder in their pocket is all. :D I'm no exception. If I have my way I'll be carrying one of my own here in a week or so.


Those are sweet folders.You surely have a nack for quality I must say.

Thanks I just finished it. Posting about it stirred up my blood to pumping speed and got me into gear to knock it out. Just put it up in my signiture line.

mmmm.... Doziers and stag :)


What a collection Walkabout! Some people would spend a lifetime assembling a fine set of knives like that. I visited the Dozier Website and the forum.I'm gonna try and get hooked up with a folder.I have four other pcs. to pay for first and then its on.

I've never had one of his knives yet. But I am eventually going to get one and probably a fixed blade. But I can tell you that you won't go wrong buying a knife from him. The guy just seemed like a great guy to me. Plus his workmanship is astounding. You won't go wrong.
At the Blade Show in Atlanta, Bob told me he wasn't going to make any more folders. Said he was too busy making fixed blades and the folders are harder to make right. Someone earlier said that it was announced that he would make some folders in 2007. So, I guess the interest in them has nudged them toward making more. Bet the price is higher.
Bob told me on the phone a while back that he could do nothing but folders all day long everyday and still not get enough made so even though he plans to make some it still won't be enough to please everyone. If you want one you better get on the list now or you will not see one until it is for sale after someone has it. Most of those are very high $. I about crapped when I saw that purdy little stag folder though. Stuning piece that one. Nice collection of Bob's work.

Nice group Walkabout!

I'm also in the midst of a Dozier binge and as you can tell by the picture I like titanium and D2.

From Left to Right:

2002 Dagger
1998 custom #5 of 10
1998 Original Folding Hunter
1997 Small Wharncliffe

For size perspective, the Dagger is 10 inches OAL while the Wharny is 6 3/4.
The folder blades are dated and the folders are individually numbered inside the slabs. The Folding Hunter is thin, light and very sharp and is getting all of the carry time these days.


Nice collection of Doziers recoil.:thumbup: That small wharny is way cool, and would look most excellent in my pocket! :)

My current Dozier Folders:

Large DKFH in ivory and green canvas micarta.

Medium DKFH in ivory and ivory.

Medium DKFH in coral micarta. It was originally clipless.
Recoil, Do you remember what the 1998 Orininal Folding Hunter ran for cost?I was looking at that style of folder.By the way,nice collection.

fewpop, Nice collection of folders as well. I love the Medium DKFH in coral micarta.This would be another pc. of interest if Bob started making folders again.