Oct 3, 1998
I saw an ad for K-Bar who are coming out with folders made of D-2. If I recall didn't Dozier design these for K-Bar? I never read anything here about this collaboration. Just think a heavy folder in D-2.
I got an aluminum handled version of Bob's
folding hunter at the ECCK show last month.
He said that this design is going to be produced by Ka-Bar. It's very different from
the D2 knife I just saw in blade, so I'm not sure if that's a Dozier design. Mine's a small, 2 3/4 inch blade, drop point. It's very light and handy, and at 250.00, a bargain for a custom from a top maker.
I sure like the Dozier folders. The knife is extremely rugged with solid D2 blade stock.

His designs are always simple and functional. He makes handles in both titanium and aluminum. (the titanium raises the price significantly.) His folders have an extremely solid locking bar.

I also picked mine up at the ECCKS show last month.


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I have two Dozier folders, one of the folding hunters (Ti liners, black micarta, red micarta spacer) and a little ti handled one with his Dozier lock and a sheeps foot blade that has a little belly to it. I didn't know that he made any handles out of Al and was wondering what he used for the liner locks on those models with Al handles.
I've been thinking about selling these two folders since there are a couple of other things out there that seem to want to find a home with me. If I decide to I'll post them here and at KF.C.