Dozier knives.

Mar 18, 1999
Does anyone own any knife by Bob Dozier? I recently saw his new Dozier Bowie, and I really like the design. Just wondering if you have any comments on his work.
I have a K-1 General Utility, my first foray with custom knifemakers. Great little knife. Sharp, holds a great edge, nice "tight" craftsmanship, and Bob's kydex work could be used as an example of how to do things. Altogether, a great knife and sheath package, at an incredibly reasonable price, plus he and his wife are wonderful to work with while ordering.

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I have his Arkansas Toothpick and the Professional Guide.
Both are excellent knifes in design and execution. Dozier's stuff is top value for money. The D2 steel he uses is my favorite. Requires only a little effort to avoid corrosion and holds an edge very well.
I like his Kydex work, too.

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I own one of his new aluminum handle folders.
It's lightweight, as sharp as anything I've ever felt, and the lock-up is solid (zero blade play).
At a price of 250.00, it's also the least expensive custom folder I've owned, which
makes it easy to carry and use.

I will not hesitate to buy from him again
when the opportunity arises.
Ditto what the others have said. His Yukon Pro Skinner is an awesome knife.

Top quality knives, top quality craftsmanship, top quality service and value. They are very sharp... they stay sharp a long, long time... and they resharpen quite easily.

You can't go wrong with ANY of his knives!

Great Materials

Great Craftsmanship

Great Design


I really like Doziers.


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I have his neck knife. Excellent edge and the fit and finish are incredible. I will have more of his knives.
I have three of his knives, two skinners and a Professional Guide. All of them are superb in terms of quality, fit and finish. His knives are the only few in my collection that I won't hesitate to use. Like the other posters had mentioned: unbelievably great price! Grab one before he raise the price.

I have a skinner and I am waiting for delivery of a neck knife.Bobs knives are well made and under priced.You won't be disappointed if you buy a Dozier knife.
Ditto. Beautiful work, nice people, lotsa knife for the money. Buy several.

The KM-1 Ranger I have is a very nice piece. Fit and finish are excellent, the price decent. The Kydex sheath a little bit too much on the light side for my taste. Bob uses the thinner Kydex type which is good for the smaller knives, but on a full size knife, I would prefer thicker Kydex. Overall a knife I highly recommend.

Does anybody have pictures of his Bowie knife? Ore some specs? Bob's website is not too current, neither is his cataloge.

Ralf- I saw a picture of the Dozier Bowie in a magazine called Combat Knives which was a one time thing put out by a gun mag about a year ago. There is a small photo on the very last page. I just received a brochure from Dozier knives, and there is only a hand drawing of the Bowie, I guess it's too new. Thanks to everybody for the info on these nice knives.
I got to meet Bob and handle several of his knives at the recent East Coast Custom Knife Show in NYC. Great ergonomic designs, top notch fit & finish. He's definitely made my wish list.

I have an Arkansas Toothpick, great little knife. As all others have said - good fit and finish and good value. Though the Edge could have been a little sharper.
I have his Yukon Pro Skinner and also had him make a couple of custom kydex sheaths for me. He and his wife are very, very nice to business with and his products are top notch as everyone has stated above. His prices are reasonable, too. Bob even went so far as to sharpen my large fixed blade knife that I sent him for the custom sheath for free, I didn't even ask him to do so. That was pretty nice of him.
Dozier knives are as practical as they come. I own and use a few, and I am quite fond of them.
I have his companion that I use for daily carry in uniform all aspects of the knife are top quality. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him agian.

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I own one of his drop point skinners, Have had it for two years now and hav'nt needed to sharpen it yet. Best steel for a using knife. I'll be geting more.