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Dozier Master Hunter. First impressions

Jun 23, 1999
I recently acquired one of Bob Dozier's Master Hunters from A.G. Russel. This is the first knife I have ever bought that I intended from the beginning might become a collectable, though I might not be able to resist useing it someday!

I think I got my money's worth. This strikes me as a very specialized knife! The high hollow grind causes the blade to sort of melt into what ever it is it is cutting. I've never seen anything quite like it. The handle is large and fills the hand. The knife feels light as a feather, and has Dozier's characteristic "this is a using knife" features like the generous lanyard hole near the end of the handle. The supplied Kydex sheath is small, light, and well secures the knife making all sorts of carry positions possible. A.G. Russel calls this something like "the drop point hunter carried to its logical conclusion". I'd have to agree and say that never have I had my hand on what appears to be a more specialized, albeit traditional, skinning knife!

I haven't been out skinning anything for years, but if I ever went again, this knife would come with me as a highly specialized tool dedicated to skinning ONLY, not bone splitting, wood cutting, or food prep, and other camp chores. The business end of this short (4" blade) is so wickedly sharp and thin that more utilitarian camp chores would certainly diminish its utter (almost supernatural) slicing power. If anyone has used this blade for more general purpose field work and would care to comment on this I'd much appreciate it. At the same time, the knife is reletively short and light making it easy to carry tucked away to be brought into play for that very specialized skinning task.

For those of you who can actually afford to take a $185 knife into the woods, and especially if you can keep it tucked away for skinning and use something else for general purpose camp work, I'd certainly recommend you try this one.

You got a good 'un! I have 3 of Bob's knives, two folders and a fixed blade. Bob sure knows how to get the most out of D-2 steel. I am so impressed with his knives that I have just posted some MT's on the for sale forum with the intent of getting another Dozier. I especially like his folders. These have some thick titanium handles with the tab lock system. Lock up is tighter than a square block in a round hole! Looking at the large folding hunter next.

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