Dozier Professional Guides Knife

Mar 22, 1999
I just received my new Professional Guides knife today from AG Russell and I am very impressed. This is a great sized fixed blade knife from Bob Dozier. It is a 4 3/4" hollow ground clip point blade made from 3/16 thick D-2 steel with a 4 1/2" long Micarta handle and Kydex sheath. IMO you can't get a better combination for a knife; D2 and Micarta.
The shape of the blade kind of reminds me of my Air Assault but the Dozier is much sharper. The handle on the Air Assault is about the most comfortable I've ever handled, so the Dozier wasn't quite as good as the Air
Assault in that respect, but very good none the less. The handle is rounded at the but and vey smooth; almost too smooth and could stand to be roughed up a bit. There's a cutout for your index finger to assist in gripping, and unless your hands are really huge, most should find it adequately comfortable.
I think this is a great sized fixed blade and is comfortable to carry on my belt or to fit great in my tackle box. The sheath is a thin Kydex, not too bulky or big, and the knife can easily be removed with one hand.
This knife is very sharp and the hair from my arm literally flew off as I tested the edge.
I haven't done any major cutting chores as of yet, but if it's anything like my other D2 blade (a Mad Poet) it should be a real perfomer. It has enough belly for skinning and I think it would also handle about any other chore around the camp.
Hi Greg,

I had a fellow BF member (thanks again Brian C.!)pick me up a Dozier Pro Guide knife at the NYC show.
I totally agree with what you had posted above. It should make a great utility knife/camp knife.

Bob does a very nice job on the kydex sheaths, in addition to making a wonderful knife for very reasonable $.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I can test it out on some large game. I picked up a Madpoet skinner which I need to christen 1st before the Pro Guide.

Ray 'md2020'

Agree with what you said, the Pro Guide along with my Yukon Skinner are two of my favorite Doziers. Don't hesitate to use it real hard, mine's always begging to be used.

Fayetteville, AR

I too have a Madpoet. One of the best choices I ever made for a knife thanks to the recommendation of fellow member Chiro75.
I think everyone will agree, an incredible loss of a talented knifemaker and gracious man.

Yes, Madpoet was a great loss.
I picked up my first MP from the auction that Wade had done for his family - that one will go to my daughter when she is a lot older. The 2nd one was from a fellow BF member a month or so after the first one. No nonsense knives built with use in mind.

Ray 'md2020'