Dozier Straight Hunter

Aug 25, 1999
I received my Dozier Straight Hunter today. I was surprised by the brown linen micarta handle (I bought it from a BF member and didn't think to ask what color the handle was). Craftsmanship is, of course, excellent. The knife is slimmer in the hand than I had thought it would be, which gives it an excellent feel. The D2 blade is ground perfectly, and the brown micarta is beautiful. It will go with the walnut on my Winchester Featherweight perfectly. The sheath is well made, although the horizontal carry will take some getting used to, and I may decide to have a conventional carry kydex sheath made for it to hunt with. The lanyard hole is a nice touch; I think all knives should have one. I would like some file work for the thumb to rest on, and will probably have this done. The shape and size of the knife are perfectly suited for what it is named after: hunting. The slimness of the grip is worth mentioning again; although the knife has some heft to it due to the D2 full tang, it does not feel bulky, indeed it feels perfectly balanced in the hand. One could foreseeably do some rather delicate work with the Straight Hunter. I look forward to using it this deer season. Overall, I rate this knife very, very highly, as I do every Dozier I've ever seen and handled. Nice work, Bob, and I'll be getting more of your fine blades in the future.
Maybe my blade loving brothers didn't hear me...I GOT A NEW KNIFE AND I LIKE IT!! Now, please, someone throw me a darn bone and at least say congrat's! Thanks, Paul
I have three Dozier's and love them all. I have the pro guide, the pro skinner, and the slim outdoorsman with bone handle. They are great working knives.

Paul, congrats! I have Dozier's "straight personal" and love the fit, finish and grind. He does great work for moderate prices.


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I had one of Mr. Dozier's Bodygurad's and found the knife to be really well designed. I could never get used to the semi-horizontal cross draw sheath however. It was made for a belt thinner than I ever wear and I found it simply awkward. I finally sold the knife to somebody who liked that kind of sheath. :) Takes all kinds to make a world...


Phew! Now I feel better. Lynn-in addition to the opener in this thread, now that I"ve had it for a few days, I'll add the following. I love it. The size and shape are perfect for it's intended use, and I can't get over how great the slimmness of the grip counters the heft of the D2. It just balances perfectly in hand. After staring at Bob's website forever, I'm still not sure if I'd rather have black micarta (which I was expecting) or the brown micarta. No big deal-the brown looks great. Still have not gotten used to the horizontal sheath, and don't know if I will. Being that it will be a working hunting knife, I'm tempted to go with one of Chiro's sheaths which can be taken apart for cleaning. Neat idea (although I rarely if ever sheath a dirty blade). All in all, the Straight Hunter has spurred me on a search for a Professional Skinner, which looks like a brute of a knife. Thanks for the responses, all.