Dragonfly Disappointment

Mar 6, 1999
Just got my new Dragon fly purchased in this forum. Blade quality is excellent but there is a major flaw in the carbon-fiber scales. The lanyard hole is drilled through the carbon fiber and a metal sleeve inserted through the resultant hole. On both sides of the knife where the carbon fiber was drilled for the lanyard hole, the carbon-fiber is delaminated and cracked in appearance where the sleeve contacts the carbon-fiber. On one scale a crack originating at the lanyard hole actually can be seen to travel" the thickness of the scale to the underlying metal. For a $40.00 plus knife I did not expect to see this type of obvious visual defect ON BOTH SCALES.

POOR WORKMANSHIP. PERIOD. Either the knife is a second or someone in quality control was sleeping at the switch. Anyone else see this problem with their "BladeForum" Dragonfly?

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Greenie - my apologies, that should not have gotten through QC. We pulled a number of pieces that had the same problem and sold them at the 2nd sale. If you would be so kind as to return it to Spyderco (again, sorry for the hassle). Customer Service will take good care of you.

Hi Greenie,
You are not alone. I posted a similar message in the bladeforums.com store earlier today. Other forumites like Paul Davidson and DDS also found the same problems with their Dragonfly's.

Hi Sal,
If Spyderco customer services would take care of this for me, I will send it back. What should I do? Just send it insured with a note, or a copy of this topic?

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I havent gotten the dragonfly I ordered yet! I dont mind the wait, I just hope it didnt get lost in the mail.
Try to send it UPS to Spyderco customer service. A note always makes things easier

20011 Golden Gate Canyon
Golden, CO 80403
The warranty literature that came with the knife says to return to:

Spyderco Inc.
Attn: Customer Service
4565 N. Hwy 93
Golden, CO USA 80403

This is different from the information provided in the response directly above.


"Walk softly and carry a big stick"...TR

Greenie - Either address wil get to us. That is the old address, but it's only 100 yards away and still occupied by Spyderco. Sorry for the confusion.
Ordered a Dragonfly and a Ladybug. Was told almost a week ago that they had been shipped. Haven't seen them yet. Hope it didn't get lost. Any known delays, etc.?
If they haven't arrived by tommorrow, or Tuesday, I'd start to wonder.

We are in Florida, so some locations are going to get them before others, naturally.

We'll see....


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Wow . . . hope that doesn't happen with mine. I got a ladybug but I still want it to be good quality. I'm not too worried though.

I'm still waiting for mine but I think it'll arrive tomorrow. It was probably here Saturday but my college's mail room isn't open on Saturday even though the mail arrives right on time . . . personally I think the workers upstairs should be required to open up for knife packages, but you should see the looks you get for suggesting that. They'll open it for some twerp's so-called "Insulin" because he could "die" without it but not for sharp stuff. Can we say double standard?
BTW, Spark, just because I understand how these things can happen does not mean I have forgotten about BLADE show, Mr. Turber, or the whipped cream pie. The deal was by Friday, and when a deal with your godfather is broken then someone must become the example to others, or there is no order. Tell him to watch his back and keep a napkin handy.
I never worry about my packages being loss unless it's over a week priority mail. Sometimes the USPS is better than other times. Packages usually average 4 days weather permitting. I'll give it at least a week.

I sent a knife USPS priority from Alaska on Thursday evening and Gary got it in Penn on Sat! That was great timing.

The Dragonfly will get here as sure as first class postage is 32 cents!


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Sheesh, I still have to wait for mine. That and the fact I'm in Saudi Arabia, which adds another logistical nightmare to the already long wait.
I can wait! What else am I gonna do over here???