Mar 6, 1999
Just got my new Dragonfly purchased in this forum.

Blade quality:
Excellent. Very sharp with overall blade appearance excellent. Classic Spyderco quality here.

Scales quality:
There is a major cosmetic flaw with both carbon-fiber scales on the knife I received. I hope other forum purchasers had better luck than I did. The problem- The lanyard hole is drilled through the carbon fiber and a metal sleeve inserted through the resultant hole. On both sides of the knife where the carbon fiber was drilled for the lanyard hole, the carbon-fiber is delaminated and cracked in appearance where the metal sleeve contacts the carbon-fiber. On one scale a crack originating at the lanyard hole actually can be seen to "travel" the thickness of the scale to the underlying metal. For a $40.00 plus knife I did not expect to see this type of obvious visual defect ON BOTH SCALES.
Anyone else see this problem with their "BladeForum" Dragonfly? Thank you in advance for the feedback.

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I recieved my dragonfly a few days ago and am very pleased. The fit is flawless and the knife is quite sturdy compared to others that I own in its size. I think you should definately speak to someone about getting it replaced as what you have recieved sounds quite defective to me.

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Sorry. This is just my practice post to make sure it works before I post my wisdom. Not a good idea to jump into these things, you know.

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Somebody posted this problem with flaws in the CF over on the Spyderco thread--don't know if that's you, but if not, check it out. Sal basically apologized and said to send it back and Spyderco will make it right.
Hope this doesn't double post--I should have said send it to Spyderco. They gave two addresses in the thread.