Dream knife

Mar 11, 1999
If you have image of dream knife,let's talk it!
It is on condition that we can use real current technorogy or its natural extend.
We can't use photon blade,force blade or magical metal blade.
1;We wish for a factory maker a knife such that it is on its style,but it dose not looks pay.
2;We have an idea of new sistem or style of knife,but We don't have money and time to apply for a patent.
I don't the idea will work or not.It's only image.Patent free.
3;It can be made by some custom maker,but it is too expensive.

My example
1;Buck 10"practical bowie knife,8"nighthawk,M9 bayonet and buckmaster's blade in nighthawk's grip.
MicroTechnorogy USSOCOM 5"model.Gerber aluminiumu hundle bowie.Victorinox fixed blade knife.
2;Marbles safety-hunting-folder in modern style.With sum hole,one-hand-open-close,pocket clip,G-10 hundle.
Tough folder;there is a dichi in bolster which is fit for tongue when open position.A plate fill gap and be look as sidelook.
3;Great bowie knife!

CHic Stone
I'd like to see what kind of a fixed blade Victorinox would come out with.
I love their other knives.
But we would have to make them promise not to sneak in a can opener somewhere

Ok I want a basic khukuri blade. Make it out of a decent steel - try CPM 3V. Now make the handle a very durable synthetic like G11 and make the grip in MD's style. To finish, add a Jim March special kydex sheath.

For the fantasy part I want the blade to be able to straighten out and then grip able to be moved up along the knife to alter the center of gravity. Thus an awesome chopper is transformed to an excellent slicer.

I would love to see a Microtech fixed blade, something like a 4" fixed blade Socom with a good multi concealment sheath. A 5 inch folding Socom does sound nice too. Furthermore, a full 4 or 5 inch sebenza with a more substantial guard and a bit of false edge would be a dream come true!
Perhaps, if we could all settle on one dream knife and ask the manufaturer to make it?
Hmmmmm A SAK fixed blade? Yeah, I'd get one, from Victorinox that is, and they could sneak something in the hollow scales, matches, directions to the nearest knife store....

Maybe they would surpise everyone and make it out of BG42!

my .02

When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
F. McKinney Hubbard


Researchers have just created particle laser as opposed to photon laser. Meaning: Instead of shooting out focused photons, they are shooting out focused single stream of atoms. What is the implication?? The implication is that if you can harness this technology in a knife (light sabre anyone??) you can have a knife that have a blade thickness of one atom, which is sharper than anything we have got. Of course, it will consume power. But use the force! Only YOU can bring balance to the force...


Thank you for your reply!
My name is Chicahiro Ishida.I live in Japan,as forgive me being poor at English.
This talk is good study of English for me.If there is spell or grammar mistake,prease point it out.
Some knives and brands are not known in Japan, As I may have some serious ignorance.

Doc,I did't say it.
My dream is very the blade of Victorinox standerd tool knives in fixed model.
Imagin,Alminumu or zytel narrow haundle small fixed knife whose blade is just Victorinox solder's main blade.
I know there are some fixed model like fults knives,but those are not the blade the Swiss army knife I think best.
I love Victorinox SAK.it is vest blade for such a size I think.And I wish the nice blade were small fixed blade knife.
It's great!If I think about khukhuri,I dream Randall khukuri.
I think about blade stell if there were composite stell as Japanese sword with high tecnorogy.
It's nice charenge is ColdSteel san-mai blade.San-mai is three sheets in Japanese.
But,in Japanese sword,more technorogy was used.It called sihouzume means literaly four sides pack.
It is made of three steels.First is edge steel,very solid high carbon steel.Second is structure,midum hard and tough steel.Third is core,soft but never break iron.
; structure ;This is it's cross section.Japanese blacksmiths were so great artisans as you know,but they did not knew highspeed steel,stenless steel,element contorol,cronium plating,etc.
;edge core st. ;If they had known it,they would have used it.their wish is only more tough and sharp sword.
; structure ;Now we have high technorogy,I dream makeing gerater blade steel with old great technorogy.
I can use high speed steel or some great steel for edge,supre high tenacious steel for structure,and pure iron for core now.

Mr Blonde,

Microtech fixed blade is pretty good!
I want 5" folding Socom by I always lessen knifefighting with 6"blade fixed or Coldsteel trailmastre.
You know,the 5"folding knife is as long as 6"fixed blade knife.

Mr.Gary ,

Reary BG42 I have listen it like ATS-34? No!I love Victorinox nice soft steel!

CHic Stone
Well, this is slightly off the intended idea, but it seems to fit in the thread.

About two months ago I saw a knife in a dream. It was a fixed blade knife with a very unique blade. It was as if the blade were pregnant! With an unusually large belly.

Two days later my wife informs me that she took "the" test...and she's pregnant! Stange but true, and we weren't even trying. Now I keep a sketch pad by the bed, just in case I get another off the wall dream of a new knife design.
A couple ideas, I don't know how they will sound. Something along the lines of a Spyderdo Military but with a 3" to 3 and a half inch blade, rolling lock, very thin, lightweight, option of CPM 440-V or a quality but softer steel, such as VG-10, for greater ease of resharpening. Another is a Benchmade AFCK handle and lock mechanism, but with a flat-ground drop point blade, plainedge, Spyderco-style hole (blade would probably resemble a flat-ground Spyderco Goddard, but slightly longer). Again, option for steel like VG-10, AUS-10, satin finished or BT2 coating (make coating extra-extra scratch resistant). Top-notch quality without killing my wallet!
Spear Point,

Thanks for your infomation!I am very suprised.
The limit was only example to forbid SF or S&S fantasy.
Photon blade was simbole of SF,force blade was ESP fantagy,magic metal was S&S fantagy.
I think an idea like SF,micro diamond knife size chaensaw can cut steel as melting butter.



Thanks for your imfomation,but I don't know about the outsider you said.
If possible,give me some more imformation.



Your knives sound very good!
My Spyderco-style knife is Gerber E-Z-OUT LS-ATS-34.
It is very lightweight and useal,but not looks best for fighting.

CHic Stone
I have to admit I too have thought about a Victorinox Swiss Army done in a tactical style, to bring them up to date.
For starters, a blade of at least 3.75 inches styled like a BM Stryker or even better like a Pinacle (including frame lock). Blade should also have a thumb stud for rapid deployment, and be made of BG 42. Or even more radically, the Starette alloy that is used for MD knives. Handles that are slip proof, but not Kraton or rubber. A rough G-10 (in a variety of colors) would be suitable. Handle ergonomics similar to the BM AFCK or Emerson Commander. Accesory blades should include: can opener, bottle opener, slot and phillips head screwdrivers, magnifying glass, and of course the tweezer and toothpick stuck into the handle ends. Also since the whole knife would be held together with torx screws, there should be a removeable torx wrench in the handle for disassembly and maintenance. And on that note, when the knife is taken apart, one of the scales can have a DMT stone on the inner portion of the handle for sharpening the blade.
Oh, almost forgot... a reverseable pocket clip for tip up or down, right or left side carry, mounted so the knife is very low in the pocket.
Since this is a dream knife, it should retail at no more than $75.
The SAK website has a page allowing one to design a knife, but never in their worst nightmares would they allow something like this.

sleeping at the keyboard,

BTW, knife must also be Y2K compliant.

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Your dream is fine!I think SAK was made to be impossible to one-hand-open.
I love traditional SAK very much.I beleave it,include impossibility of one-hand-open that is safe.

But I have thought tactical knife with SAK blades;can opener,bottle opener,saw,gimlet,and malin spike.
It makes blade thicker,gain some weight,and weaken body.But it is usual.