Dreaming about your daily

Oct 3, 1998
If you could have any knife be your daily carry which one would it be? And when I say any, I really mean ANY! Forget about knife laws, cost, being PC and just plain commen sense for a few minutes.

Me personally, I would love to carry Mike Turbers gaint halo.

Ron Lake, Steve Hoel,H.H.Frank and Mike Walker all come to mind if money were no object for a daily carry folder.
A MT Dragonslayer or at least a Nemesis...about the only way I would be able to get one....*sigh*

Yea,a dragon slayer would be nice ,but id settle for my plain jane Halo2 if i could just find a sheath that didnt funk up the finish like the factory one does.
A HALO and my trusty Chris Reeve Mountaineer II. Maybe someday ...
My daily carry would be a Chinese folder from Bob Lum. Oh well, I'll just have to wait for the Spyderco collaboration

Hmmmm...., Anything I want, Hmmm.....Well I have always wanted a Halo, but if it was anything I want, well then it would have to be a one-of-a-kind custom made front opening automatic. I'd probably have Darrel Ralph make it(I don't even know if he makes a front opening automatic). All of his knives seem to be beautiful and usable, and every time I see a picture of one I want it.
Oh well, enough dreaming for today.
my trusty sebenza and my trusty ATAK. perfect combo.

I'd love a custom 21" MAD DOG short sword, though.
I don't think it is out there.

I love my Sabenza. But I have always liked A.G. Russell's utility blade he uses on his one hand knife. Don't even start me on my love of Mad Dogs. And everybody knows how fast a Dalton auto is. So, lets pull it all together.

A.G.'s blade shape, using Mad Dog steel, tempering and hard chrome, Reeves workmanship and Dalton's spring action in an out the front auto. Blade lenght just a smidge under 4". Scales of Titanium.

Not too much to ask, right?

a benchmade Elishwietz custom Bali-Song
and maybe that Sword off the movie Blade,
and also a custom JSP tomahawk, and a
DragonSlayer, the list goes on and on
I'd carry a custom Wakazashi. Dunno from whom or what kind because I've never thought about it. A Wakazashi is just big enough to be carried and concealed on my back. But it won't be so big that it would compromise my "stealth" nor will it become too cumbersome. Also, a Wakazashi is easier to handle in one hand, but just as capable in two hands. And if range is really an issue, well, my other hand will be on a firearm. Finally, because I live in an urban jungle, a Wakazashi-sized blade would be more effective for indoor fighting.

Actually, it doesn't have to be a Wakazashi. Again, I'm not exactly sure because I never thought about it. I mean if it was perfectly legal, it would've been a different story. Then I'll think about it.