Dremel or Metal Glo vs. Bead blast

Dec 19, 2000
I have the CRKT KFF and Point Guard, and want to polish them up and get rid of bead blast. I've searched the forums and found only partially satisfactory answers to my query.

What is the best low-cost(sub $100) of ridding myself of bead blast?

I read in one search that rubbing the blade down with Metal Glo would do the trick. To do this, should I take the blade out of the knife? If I do, will this totally void warranty? Maybe a dumb question, but I want to know.

Also, would a Dremel tool have an attatchment that may polish a knife? If so, I may pick up one of these babies...I may need one for other things, too...like drilling holes in my PC. = )

Thanks for the help guys.

Take a green Scotch-Brite pad (they sell them near the sponges and stuff for washing dishes probably). Lay it on a flat surface. Then lay your knife flat on the flat so that the flat unground area contacts the pad, and rub vertically until you get a quasi-satin finish on the flat area. Then tilt it a little bit and repeat for the hollowground area. I find that it works a lot better on flat ground knives than it would on hollowground knives (most of the double bevel CRKT pocket knives). You do the vertical strokes on the pad on the spine of the blade as well.

I don't have a dremel, but I'd imagine you could do something with the wire brushes and some polishing compound.

Your knife will be dulled after polishing with the Scotch-Brite pad. If you plan to do this procedure with a lot of knives, I would suggest you invest in the Edge Pro sharpener.


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still, the dumb sounding part of my question remains...should i take it all apart to get every last mm of the blade/tang? or just get the protruding portion...also, am i going to be completely warranty-less if i do this?

well, at least it warn't the most 'spensive knife.
How would they know you took it apart other then the fact that you now have a polished blade LOL. Seriously as far as warranty issues go its your word against them whether you took the thing apart or not. I am always amazed at the number of people who think that by tightening a pivot screw on their BenchMades they void the warrenty. I take all my knives apart and if something happened to one of them beyond my control such as a QC problem I wouldn't hesitate to send it back. I'll wager if we took a poll here the number of people who take their knives apart will be in the majority. After all if they were not meant to be taken apart then why did they use screws?
thank you. i am in the mall now, and checked out a dremel-esque tool. they appear to have the things im looking for , so i may get one. comes with a metal polishing kit.

and i will be considering(wink, wink) taking it apart to complete the entire task.
Blackwatch- Take that sucker apart! I cleaned up my CRKT bead blast with a tube of cheap metal polish from Discount Auto and a lot of paper towels. I sold it to a buddy, but the slick finish still draws compliments.