Dropped my knife in the toilet- HELP

Dec 18, 1998
How did it happen? Easy, the leather sheath is a loose fit. It was upside down and the tiny Willaim Henry Persian went for a swim. Fortunately, there were no skid marks from previous users.

I was at work and washed it off, then disinfected with the soap. The dye from the back of the bone handle was seeping out. Thus, I had to take it apart with a hex- not the right tool. (where do you get the correct tool and what is it called?)

I cleaned it up, and sprayed a lot of Ballistor Lube in the parts that I couldn't get to. (Not sure if this is the best for knives.)

Because the hex was not a perfect fit it damaged the screws a little. Will William Henry send more?

Also, the blade has never lined up in the middle when closed. Is this worth pursuing with William Henry and is their customer service good?

Any other tips?

Thanks Big Dave

I'm not 100% sure, but from pictures on JKM's site, they look like torx screws. What size I can't say obviously. Ask JKM, he knows I bet. As for William Henry's warranty policies, I don't know, again, ask JKM. As for the blade not being centered, you say this has always been so? even before you dropped it in the toilet? Sounds like a warranty thing, course now that you've taken it apart, I can't say whether it'll be voided or not. My advice is not to mess with the screws until you get the right drivers, or they'll just strip and/or look ugly.
Depending on when the knive was built the screws are either hex or spline. The more recent knives have the spline screws. Give WH
a call. Matt is very helpful and he will send
you new screws (maybe for a nominal cost) and he will sell you a driver for the spline screws.

Good Luck,
Joe Liguori
I'm not posting a realistic solution to your problem, I just want to laugh...just a little, I'm sorry. I play with my knives in alot of places but never over the toilet. If it's any consilation I've dropped just about everything in the toilet: toothbrush, comb, brush, watch and a few others I'm sure I'm missing. Good luck with the save.


Years ago, as I stood up from a throne and pulled up my trousers, my Victorinox Champion SAK exited its unsnapped sheath and went kerploppus into an unclean place.

After washing my hands seven times over
, and washing the knife, I decided to sterilize the knife by boiling it. Wrong move. The plastic scales let go. $5 for handling and a few weeks later, and Victorinox fixed it up like new.

I don't know whether William Henry knives are warranteed against besmirching and disassembly, but they've given me good service on the one time when one didn't lock up right.

The screws are Torx, I think. I'd take it to Sears, and see what driver fits.


Howdy Partners:

Salmon Dude, I was just trying to kill two terds with one stone. No man, I like to play with my knifes. Why not on a little down time?

So the question is if the warranty has any provisions for dropping the knife in toilets.

The blade not lining up did happen before the dunking ceremony.

Who wouldn’t take apart their knife after that? I didn’t think about boiling it- good thing.

The only thing I could really take off were the handles and bolsters. I couldn’t find the other tools.

Anyway it works and smells fine now. But, I don’t think I’ll be cutting any meat with it.



Oh man! Sounds like that scene from "Trainspotting"!

I had a client bring me a Mauser bayonet one time which was covered in rust. After I had looked it over, handled it and so forth, he informs me had found it in a sewer. Nice guy! I left it in Lysol overnight and washed my hands about 20 times.

I still have that knife. I cleaned up one side of it down to shiny metal and left the other side scuzzy to show what a difference my cleaning methods can make. (Gotta LUV those cardboard wheels!)



Would you post a copy of the letter you sent to Victorinox to explain why you were returning it for repair?

No initial knife content, sorry:

I was in the restroom at the theater a couple weeks ago, and Mr. GQ Big Shot (hard to describe the type) strolled in gabbing on the cellphone. Yep, you guessed it. Fumbled the phone while unzipping. This was one of those older style urinals that is built into the wall and goes all the way to the floor. So there he stands, Johnson in one hand, staring at the pieces of his shattered phone on the bottom of the porcelain receptacle. Geez, how the place just exploded with laughs, giggles and guffaws. Mr. Fumbles picks up the pieces, rinses them quickly in the sink, PUTS THEM IN HIS POCKET (!) and bids a hasty retreat. I still smile at the memory.

Obligatory knife content: Jim, I'd like to see that letter as well. Probably a masterpiece of tact and diplomacy.
Sorry. No letter. And years before I had heard of the Internet. Just a verbal confession to the owner of a long-gone cutlery store, and a $5 bill to cover postage and handling for a problem that Victorinox had every right to say wasn't covered by any warranty, but fixed anyway.


Big Dave,
I've got one better than that.
My stupid horse ate my Victronox. It was one of those little ones with the anodized aluminum scales (not plastic), and luckily it was closed.
I told the vet, who responded with laughter. The chore assigned for recovery wasn't acceptable, so I forgot the knife.
The next spring when things began to dry out and return to the earth, I stumbled upon my knife. It still shined, but it was packed with debris.
I washed it off with plenty of antibacterial soap and scalding water. It then spent 24 hours soaking in alcohol.
I still have this knife, The horse is long gone.

So, I’ve been stinking about what would be the best small tactical letter opener that would also be well prepared for underwater toilet adventures. The Umfaan (take apart ability) or the Mini UDT (underwater in the name)?

“Trainspotting”- I forgot about that scene. No, it was not like that. It was very clean. If I had to do it again I think I would use chopsticks.

And Bill, now that a collectors item. Talk about a needle in a haystack.

By the way did I mention that I have a William Henry for sale, slightly used?

See Ya

Big D