Dual lock back knife ?

Sep 3, 2015
I was at a junk store today and stumbled on a different type of lockblade. It wasn't a 716 Camillus. It had two blades running parallel and both locked to the rear. The locks were side buy side also. It was quite heavy and solid. It was almost like a Buck 110 or Schrade LB7 but had dual blades. There was a small mark that almost looked like the Queen emblem, so I have been googleing Queen dual blade and everything that sounds like that but can't find a picture of the knife. I should have taken some damn pictures but forgot. Anybody have one of these?

I have a small Browning dual liner lock my Dad bought in 82-84. All brass including the bolster, back spacer,
and the end of the scale. Dark wood inlays. Made in USA.

The same design on the locks as the knife you saw.
Neato. Looks like Camillus did a bunch of double lock knives in different styles. It's a great idea.
This knife had a double spring lock like a Buck 110 lock, but two locks side by side.