Duane Dwyer Strider

Jan 11, 1999
I am looking for some info re: Duane Dwyer's custom knives...Strider Knives. I saw a great article in Tactical Knives this month and am interested in finding out more about his products...

Please advise.
why dont you call him up...his phone no. is right there....he goes to a lot of shows on the west coast....
Sproles -- Strider Knives were reviewed by Steven Dick in March 99 issue of Combat Handguns. This is the first time I read about him. I'm also interested to know more about this maker...
Tactical Options ( www.tacticaloptions.com ) is now carrying Strider knives and has at least four about to come in.

You can order a catalog directly from Strider for $6.00. You can order knives directly from Strider as well. After seeing the two articles I ordered an AD (7 1/2 inch neck knife) and an MT (6 1/2 inch blade - about 11 1/2 inches overall.) $250 and $325 respectively. About a six month wait. A variety of blade thicknesses and sheaths are available.
Anyone having any questions on any of the products we make you can post it here or e-mail us at striderk@fiberia.com or you may call the shop at 760-967-6445 catalogs are $6.00 and we go through them as fast as we have them printed, so it may take a few extra days to recieve it. Thank You Strider Knives