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Durba vs. Sanu

Aug 16, 2000
How does Durba's work compare to Sanu's?

From the pics I've seen, he looks damn good.

Are the blades as smooth and is the polish as good?

What about the fit where the bolster and blade meet?

Can he do the Kobras since Kumar is gone?

Speaking of Kumar, has anybody heard from him?

Not a work from or about Kumar.

Durba has been doing fine work but when Sanu hits his stride as he did with Yvsa's first YCS there is nobody who can beat him, not even Bura.
And drawing my Sanu forward curving "Sun, Moon, and Stars" still makes me feel like Arthur Pendragon holding Excalibur for the first time.

I think I remember seeing that one when Uncle Bill posted it, but could you post a/the pic of that? As I recall its a real beauty:D
"When Sanu hits his stride, not even Bura is as good!!!!"

And once in a while we do something we regret.
And I Sure Wish I had Gotten One of the Sun, Moon and Stars!!!
And that's one I regret Very Much Not Getting, along with the one with the pure white Scabbard!!!!:(

The only firm memories I have of those are the pix I printed when they were up for sale.:)

and I don't know if you computer guys can do this although I don't know why you couldn't.....
When there's a URL of a pic you can erase the image brackets and cut and paste the URL into your e-mail box and send it to yourself.
Then you can click on the link and have a nice full pic you can print.:)
I tried a search and found no pics or mention of the Sun, Moon and Stars. I seem to remember seeing a pic, maybe the new software upgrade has something to do with it.
Yvsa, when you finally get a real computer all you'll have to do is rightclick on any pic you see on the net and choose "save picture as" from the menu that pops up.
Starting new thread: Forge engraved forward curving.

See for pix
Gentlemen & Ladies,
Yeah,yeah, when Sanu hits his stride,yada,yada! Same for ANY kami! I have a Bura I like, I have a Sanu I don't, I have Durbas(plural) I like! What happens when Durba hits HIS stride??
Durba vs. Sanu

I smell a new episode of Celebrity Death Match?

Bill Paxton, this seems right up your alley. ;)

Well There's Only One Way To Settle This. Look for sponsers for a Hammer Off at Uncle Bills Birthday Party. Durba and Sanu will be totally confused as to whats going on, but HEY we're broadening there horizons. :D :D :D :D
Leave Durba and Sanu ALONE!! They are happy at their work, or it would not show the quality we have come to know. They are content in their surroundings, without the confusion of metropolitan life. They are secure, knowing their work has the admiration of men from many far-away lands........................................................They are also behind on special orders, so leave them th h**l alone 'til they have a chance to catch up:p
Becoming a mite SELFISH aren't you??tsk,tsk!You must learn to be patient, like me for instance,just think of me as a kind of "Role Model"!
jim:D :D :cool:
Everyone has their favorites and sometimes it's hard to pick them. Sort of reminds me of Olympic sprinters. You have 15 or 20 of the world's fastest runners and when one of them hits his stride he's going to win. Could be any one of them on his good day.
The man has difficulty differentiating between virus and obsession, but he do understand _selfish_ (and I AM)!

Lah De Dah, Lah De Dah, Dah Dah - and the games people play:D