Duty Knife BM 975?

Nov 6, 1998
Just received a razor sharp BM 975 plain edge today and was thinking of retiring my AFCK I carry for last ditch self defense on patrol. Can you give me some pros/cons for strictly defensive use on Tanto folder vs. utility blade like AFCK?

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I would think that the knife you can get into action the quickest would be the one to carry. For a last ditch, backup knife to a backup gun, that won't be used for any daily cutting, then I would lean towards the 975. But there are so many personal variables, that I can't really say which knife would be better for you. Let us know what ya decide.
Blades - you're right, of course. The fit of the knife to the individual and ability to quickly utilize it have to be foremost. I have never preferred side opening autos - feel that I can open a folder just as quick. Therefore I think that I'll try the 975 in my hands and check the fit and feel for me. The blade and materials and everything I've read sure make it look like a "business-oriented" backup.

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I have been using Spyderco's for awhile. So I'm use to the hole opening method. I've practiced with it and to me, seem to be pretty quick. Now with my mini-Stryker I'm still slow. Besides being tip down carry, it has the disk like the 975. So retraining to a disk is taking longer then I thought. I'm so use to that Spydie hole. I'll just have to practice more with my mini-Stryker. Oh well.

I'd go with the AFCK just because if I were to break it I could easily replace it. The 975 is discontinued by Benchmade. If you get used to it and then lose it you would have to go to Eisie for a new one (as close as he gets) for a lot more money than a new AFCK would cost, for a knife that isn't any better than the 975. I like my 975, but have retired it for the AFCK because I know I can get another one anytime.


I have found the AFCK to be vastly superior in everyday use then the 975SBT I have. Sure its got a fragile tip but, I haven't broken it yet and the hole vs. disk again favors the AFCK for quick opening. You might want to check out my post to Sparks good/bad/hyped thread in the general forum.