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E.D.C. by Camillus, and Paragee by Outdoor Edge

Jan 9, 1999
Just picked up the new Tac. Knives mag and noticed both models designed by Darrel Ralph advertised. Look the same with different steels, 420HC for the EDC and AUS8 for OEdge.
Outside of the cutouts in the handles and the blade steel which I understand the 420HC isn't bad, what is the difference except maybe steel and being first to market. Anyone have a chance to handle either one yet? Keep'em sharp

The Knives are different shape wise.
One was designed after the Apogee (small version). The other (Camillus) was designed after the EDC .
Both are light and have a very strong reliable lock. They are thin and easy to carry. The EDC is also (bladeforums knife) coming in 154 cm.

The point is LOCK reliablity in a small knife.

Web Site At www.darrelralph.com
I'll be trying them both out.

They are certainly similar, but then they were designed by the same person to achieve almost the same set of goals.

My take on them is that the EDC was designed as an evolution of what Mr. Ralph learned in making the Apogee but with a wider market input as to what knife knuts wanted in a knife. That is strictly my opinion based on what I watched transpire here on BFC. I certainly don't have all the information to make this a factual statement.

It will be fun to carry them both and see how they actually compare to each other.

I expect to enjoy them both, even at the same time.

If you are interested in purchasing one, I would choose the BladeForums EDC, Not only does it have a better blade steel(154CM), but you would be supporting BladeForums at the same time. I think the BladeForums knife sells for the same price that the 420 knife lists for. A great deal.

Thanks for the info fella's. It is much appreciated. Indeed they are a bit different in design. Now here is what I would like to see one that is just as large as the EDC that is on the back page of the Tac. Kinves mag. Now my friends I would consider that about the ideal size at least for me anyhow. Keep'em sharp.
The Camillus EDC in 420 will be available to distributors in March sometime. And I think the BF 154 EDC will be ready in April.

Should be fun to look at them both!

Barry H