Easily available pizza sausage equivalent

Dec 2, 1999
I'm looking for a grocery store available pizza sausage equivalent. I don't want the sage flavored kind of breakfast sausage. I'm looking for the taste equivalent that you get on a good pizza.
they are regular italian sausages... they should be available at your local supermarket in the sweet or hot varieties (at least they're available everywhere here in NYC)

remember to cook them all the way through as they are not pre-cooked like the Jimmy Deans.

you can also chop them up and then cook them and then add them to your spaghetti sauce... very yummy.
Thanks, that's helpful.

I want to make a stromboli midwest style with sausage, pizza sauce, onions and Moz on crusty bread.
Yep, regular old Italian Sweet sausage. Should be easily available at most any grocery store. They aren't frozen, so check near the meat department.

One problem that I have with these as compared to say a Jimmy Dean product or such, is that they can vary greatly in taste. Like I said it is a fresh product, and I am not aware of any brands for them. I have found that the best ones are generally form a butcher or an Italian Deli. Failing that I would test a few different supermarkets, and see which one tastes best.
You might be able to find the sausage "stuffing" that is not already stuffed into the sausage casing. Cook it before using it on a pizza. I have found it to be convenient for use on pizzas or in stuffed breads (stromboli) or any time you have to break up the sausages anyway.
Hey Dave!

Check here.

I work there as a Purchasing Agent.

I can't tell you who we sell to, but it's a safe bet that if you've eaten pizza, the meat topping may have come from there.

They have taste samples out at 4:00. (We call it "suppertime")
Thanks for the link ,interesting.
The hand crumble sausage looks like what I want. :)
If you choose not to go the route farmboy has posted it is still easy to get that hand crumbled look. Go to your nearest supermarket and buy that sweet Italian sausage we were talking about. When you go home slit the casing open, and squeeze out the filling into a frying pan. Keep it moving while it starts to cook, and it will come together in small clumps perfect for topping a pizza.