How To Easy Ghost G10 In Your Choice of Color!

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  1. BellaBlades

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    Jul 12, 2013

    Everlasting GOB stopper. I'm in love!!
  2. Sigsog226

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    Dec 3, 2013
    IMG_20191025_223849.jpg IMG_20191025_223920.jpg IMG_20191025_223939.jpg IMG_20191025_224321.jpg IMG_20191025_215526.jpg The bottom photo is not coloring the inside edges, which leaves the Jade color there of course.

    I then ran the rainbow scale under some hot water for about 5 mins and couldn't get any of the sharpie to come off, so I think it should hold up pretty well and not bleed off.

    I eventually decided to take it all off with nail polish remover (very easily), and go all blue for now. And I also colored the inside edges this time. The Jade spot by the landyard hole is from the g10 being stressed from removing the landyard tube originally. It is colored on the inside though.
    Pretty cool hack:)

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