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Ebay a good place to buy knives?

I find good deal's quite often, but you have to find someone who sell's quality product's, there is alot of people who sell key-chain knives and very cheap quality folders.

I have bought several CRKT Knives, all NIB, for less than half the MSRP, and what I See them for in Sporting Goods Store's...

I buy a lot of knives on Ebay.I also sell a few.Mostly Case.Watch your "passion buying" and you will be OK.
Read the Book.


have a"knife"day
So far I've bought two knives via Ebay and have not had any problems. I got fabulous deals. In both cases, I know the knifemaker personally and have a very good idea of what they charged for the knives. The Sellers were just getting rid of pieces they weren't interested in that I just happened to have a personal interest in collecting...Hence, low prices. Still, you should be cautious that you're not being gouged on the prices.
Good deals happen on ebay on occasions. I have picked up a couple of nice antiques and a Dozier at a nice prices.
Like nifrand said: Read the book, know what you are buying and if the bid gets high just stop.

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I've also had excellent luck with eBay, too, and with the usual caveats; ask questions about condition, and method of freight, get insurance, that sort of thing.

Over the last year I've seen some good deals on Reeves fixed, Camillus, a Buck Strider, a Mad Dog or two, plus a ton of Spydies. The only problem with eBay is keeping up with all the new stuff coming on for auction

Actually, there is another problem, as noted; establish a limit for spending and stick to it...there is a tendency on auction to keep going just a dollar or two more, and more.....and remember to figure in the shipping as part of the cost.

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Yes, ebay is a great place to purchase knives and other items. You just need to do your research. Make sure that you check around and that you know how much an item is worth. Sometimes so-called rare items can be found for sale cheaper on other web sites. Many times I see people bidding high on items when they could purchase the item cheaper somewhere else. Always check the ebay seller's feedback rating. Read some of the comments that people have made about the seller.
Ebay works well as long as you are knowledgeable enough to know what you are buying. Much of the stuff on Ebay is incorrectly or incompletely labled.
Brother & Sisters of Steel,
e-Bay has a lot to offer. Agreed, you MUST avoid impulse buying and research your purchases. What you will find, eventually, is a new breed of electronic knife dealer. Most are honest and equitable.
THEN begin your impulse buying!
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As long as you know what you're doing, there's a lot of good deals to be had on eBay. If you don't know what you're doing, there are few better places to get screwed. I've bought many knives on eBay, including a mini-AFCK for about $65 & a CRKT M16-03Z & large Point Guard for $25 each. My best deal was a handmade damascus balisong I got for $20; when eBay yanked the auction (because evil balisongs aren't allowed) I was the only bidder, so I emailed the seller and bought it from him anyway. Most of the knives there end up going for retail or more, but you can also find stuff for less than internet prices if you're patient enough. I usually lose 15 auctions for every one that I win - this is because I usually only bid low, and if I can't get a deal I look elsewhere. Some tips I've picked up: Check the seller's feedback before you place a bid. Before bidding on something, see if there's another identical item that's cheaper or ending sooner. The closer to the end of the auction you get in, the better. If the seller has a website, go there before bidding. Often the aution will start at the seller's website price, and your best bet is to buy it there instead. If the auction is cheaper, at least you know not to bid over the website price. And it's not just good for knives. You can find anything you can think of, and a lot of things you can't, on eBay. A while back I got a dozen rattlesnake fangs. There've been some rather *interesting* things on eBay as well. Some auctions that have shown up on eBay include 1 kilo of heroin, a kidney, and, get this, someone auctioned his soul on eBay, the bidding was up to $5,000 when eBay found the auction and yanked it. After the elections last November, a stolen Palm Beach County voting machine was auctioned on eBay. Federal marshals bid and won the auction and arrested the seller.

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For the most part, I've had some success on Ebay. However, I do caution you to READ the seller's feedback profile. Some advertise one thing and sell/ship another, so beware. Shop the internet dealers to find their best prices first before you bid. Many times those dealers beat reserve prices and final bid prices at Ebay.

It's not the pace of life that concerns me, It's the sudden stop at the end.
IMO, eBay is fun to look at once in a while, but otherwise it doesn't pay to bother. Almost every auction for knives starts at a price higher than you can get elsewhere, yes occaisionally you can get a deal but that few and far between.

Further, unless you like searching, monitoring autions you like etc., you must consider your the cost of your time. If you save 10 bucks but have to spend 3 hours over the course of a week, you need to add 3 hours of leisure time cost.

All good advice, in short I have found that as said; check the feedback, know the actual worth of what you are bidding on and set a limit. All in all it is hit or miss as far as winning a particular auction. Sometimes you can get lucky.
Ebay is like going to a flea market. You can find some good deals once in a while, but you have to be patient and sift through a lot of junky crap. Some of the stuff people sell on there is unbelievable!

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Over time I have carefully and sort of econimically put togeher an excellent selection of out of production Cold Steel knives, carborundum stones, auto memorabilia and bought some other stuff as well.

Check feedback, ask questions, verify "handling" charge and know when to say when and you can get GOOD deals on ebay.

As a general rule, new, brandname knives do usually go for same/higher than you can buy them for from the local shop so keep that money with your LOCAL dealer or he/she may close.....and then you're...well....SOL.

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I don't feel that eBay is a good place to buy anything personally. I've seen current, run-of-the mill production knives on there that are up to and above suggested retail pricing with days left on the auction. Very silly if you ask me.
i sell my knives on ebay..it's the only way i've found to get the expose to sell them..please check them out, i have them on there from time to time..just check on my seller user name(mcfly11)under the seach menu. i put what i think is a low price on them..but at least i am getting them sold than not selling them at all..please drop me a line to let me know what you think.

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I have gotten good deals off of eBAY like a Spyderco Lum Tanto for only $100. I couldn't find it that cheap anywhere else.